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Spring Adventures


Our family decided to head out into the marsh this weekend to see if the pussy willows were budding. We headed to my childhood playground, where there always fun things to see and do and smell. Sadly, the pussy willows were not yet budding, but lucky for us the skunk cabbage was sprouting. Oh that is a smell one never forgets and a smell that every child (and adult) should experience at least once!

Rubber boots

Dried flora

A marshy path

Baby skunk cabbage!

Spring Show and Sale


The local artists studio co-op, Globe Studios, is having its annual Spring Show and Sale at the end of April. I have a textile arts studio at Globe, so I am busy preparing items for the sale. I am aiming to have at least one item from each of the textile arts available for the show and sale, but I am finding my other projects are taking up most of my time right now.

I do have some knitted pieces ready.

Goddess backpack

Nesting bowls

That quilted runner is one of two quilted pieces that will be available at the show as well.

Now to finish up the quilt and move on to the yo-yo’s this weekend. Hope yours is a crafty, cozy weekend!

Spring Project


I have been a busy bee knitter lately. Trying to finish my first public project for spring. I can’t tell you about it just yet, but I can give you a hint.

Are those sticks?

Hmmm, curious knitting.

I will be able to give you more details, soon, I promise.

A Day at the Sugar Bush


It’s Maple Syrup season! To celebrate, we spent an afternoon at a local sugar bush this weekend.

Waiting for the wagon

Waiting for the horse drawn wagon to take us on our sugar bush adventure!

Sugar Bush

 Travelling through the sugar maples.

Boiling the sap

Learning about making maple syrup.

Mmmm, maple syrup!

Sampling a warm, amber maple syrup.

I’m still enjoying the maple rush.

It’s a Good Day to Make and Apron


My eldest daughter has a b-day party tomorrow for a friend at school. Part of her gift is going to be a craft apron. My eldest picked out the fabric, a vintage cotton of blue flowers, and ribbon covered in strawberries.

Pinning the ApronMy youngest joined in by helping me pin the front and back of the apron together.

Sewing the ApronI did the sewing.

ApronAnd voila, a craft apron! Didn’t it turn out beautifully?

I think I know two more girls that need a craft apron of their own.

My Purse Hops


The scent of spring is in the air in this part of the world. But it is only March. Although I fear there must be one good snow storm waiting to blanket us in white, I am feeling the season of spring! I want to surround my self with the sights, scents and colors of spring! Bunnies and eggs, the heavenly scent of hyacinth, and the fantastic, popping colors of spring greens, bright blues and saturated pinks.

That can only mean its time to knit a hop, hop, hopping bunny purse for one of the little girls in my life!

With the help of my mother-in-law (expert knitter extraordinaire), I designed the bunny purse 4.5 years ago when my eldest daughter was only 3. Since then I have been revising and perfecting the pattern, adding trims, creating new characters. They are a fairly quick knit, so many of them have been gifted over the years. Every spring I crave the pinks and purples of the bunny purse.

Bunny Purse

My youngest has made it clear however, that she would like a baby chick. The bunny will have to wait a little while.

If you want to knit up a bunny purse for the little girl in your life, the pattern is available for download in my shoppe!

Back to Basics


In December, my family was blessed with the arrival of a new baby girl. A sweet, oh-so-tiny, little girl who has a super excited auntie!

Whenever members of my circle welcome a new addition into their family, I like to welcome the new arrival with their very own quilt. A self-taught quilter (with much to learn), I made my first quilt for a boyfriend while I was in university. That was 15 years ago.

My quilting has been few and far between, but I always try to welcome wee babes with one whenever I can. I always look forward to the planning and choosing of fabrics. Really, I think the planning and choosing of fabrics is my favorite part! The colors, the prints, it really is a fabric addict’s heaven to be surrounded by bolts of comforting quilters cotton. This time, as I planned a pictorial quilt, I was eager to start hand quilting. I pieced the top in 3 hrs so eager was I to quilt!

It was the quiet that I craved. As I quilted my way through grass, clouds and a tree, these are the bits that came clear to me:

  • The years between quilts do nothing to improve my stitches! With each quilt I can tell where I started and where I finished by the quality of my stitches – they are always much better at the end!
  • I must quilt more often.
  • I love the delicious calm and relaxing pace that come with hand quilting. It is almost meditative. The peace refreshes my soul and my mind, forcing me to be present and infuse every stitch with love and good intention.
  • I must quilt more often.

This is what I passed onto my niece. I really think it is one of my favorites.

Sadie's Quilt

Sadie's Quilt Cose Up

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

I Love Craft!


In December 2009, my family welcomed a new baby girl into the world. She was a wee little babe, and when I say wee I really mean wee, she was barely 6 pounds! I could hardly believe she was a real, live baby. This wasn’t a real baby, this wee little girl was a doll! A doll in every meaning of the word.  Her mama soon discovered however, that few hats would fit this wee doll, so over the holidays I quickly knit a ribbed hat that fits snugly on the smallest of heads. But this wee little babe had an older sister, so she too must receive some crafty goodness from her auntie. For her I whipped up some felt playfood – fortune cookes with real fortunes! As a mom of two little girls, ours is a house of play food and tea and so I believe every little girl needs to experience the fun of play food and tea. So felt fortune cookies and a tea set made their way along with the little knitted hat.

In January 2010, I opend the mailbox one morning to find a sweet little Thank You card for all the crafty goodness. At the end of note was one line that made my day – “We love crafty Tracey!” After the smiles and warm fuzzies settled in, I knew that one sentence was the perfect title for a blog on my crafty life. I had been wanting to blog about my life and our household of craft for years, but could never settle on a name. Thank goodness for that knitted hat and those felt fortune cookies, because it was the love of receiving them that created that one line of gratitude that led me here.

I am excited to finally be here, on my own, and not for anyone else. Just the idea of sharing and adding to the world on craft online has inspired me. I so look forward to sharing with you and learning from you. And since my latest Michaels flyer noted that March is Arts and Crafts Month, it really is a fitting month to launch a site dedicated to craft and the home arts, don’t you think?

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