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the prettiest little cupcake stand


I just got back from a girlie weekend across the border in New York State and oh mama, did we shop! Not only did I source out some fantastic crafty and party supply shops, but I picked up the loverliest cupcake stand!

Have you been introduced to the Robert Gordon WireWare cupcake stand?

Robert Gordon 3 Tier Cupcake Stand

If you have, you have probably been coveting it as long as I have! So girly and delicate, it screams tea party! I have just not found its equal in Canada. But lucky, lucky me this weekend! Up on the top shelf in the Housewares department at the local Target, were two lovelies waiting for me to take them home. Almost identical to the RG stand! There were only two, so I bought them both.

So if you are looking for these sweet darlings for your next batch of cupcakes my American and travelling Canadian friends, get yourself to a Target. Just don’t go to Transit Rd, Depew, I bought them out.

enjoying summer


I have been blessed with the ability to spend the summer with my girls for yet another year. We have been away ALOT in the past few weeks, which is why its’ been quiet around here. While I haven’t been getting alot of paid work done, I have been getting alot of parenting work done.

I must admint I have stressed out about not getting down to work. But today I was reminded what I often say to myself. They are only young once. If I don’t take the time to just BE with them now, I will never get this chance again. I will never get this time back. This gave me the gift of gratitude. A moment of thanks that I have had this time to be, to live with my girls, to play with my girls, to love my girls in the best way that I know how.

I don’t have many pictures. I have been living not documenting which tells me I have really been in the moment. It also reminds me to whip out that camera more often!

I am thankful for this holiday I’ve had with my girls. Thankful that I have been able watch them grow so closely, thankful that I have been gifted this time to play and enjoy them while they are young. How blessed O am to have this time. How blessed I am to have my family.

Tell me your blessings. What are you thankful for today?

mama in the sand

standing on the beach

walking side by side

crafty tracey loves yellow


I never really thought I was very fond of the color yellow, aside from the rare mustard yellow item that I may pick up oh about once every ten years. I am finding lately, a minor love of yellow has popped up as a result of a pair of David Dixon shoes I picked up recently.

David Dixon Yellow Highlights

Are these not the hottest shoes with a hint of yellow that you’ve ever seen? Because they have yellow highlights these are shoes I didn’t even glance at while I was shopping. But my shopping partner spied these lovelies and knew she had to intervene on my behalf and brought them to my attention. Once I laid eyes on them however, it was love! These shoes were too loverly, too punk rock, too Debbie Harry cool to pass up! And from a Canadian designer! I can’t tell you how unbelievably hot these are on, but they were one of my favorite buys. Other than the other pair of his shoes I picked up, super hot strappy black sandals.

I just realized that yellow has thrust itself onto my radar when I saw this interior and swooned.


And the same shade of yellow no less!

Then I found that I had saved these pics quite a while ago.

shrug-  front view

shrug - back view

Why did I think I didn’t like yellow?