creepy food week: day 7

A quick post on this Hallow’s Eve to show you our last meal of creepy food on the Third Annual Creepy Food Week!

Tonight’s meal: Ghosts in the Graveyard!

ghosts in a foggy graveyard

Mashed potato ghosts in a rolling mashed potato fog frolicking between chicken nugget gravestones.

ghosts hiding behind gravestones

Yes, I did color the rolling fog with a dab of black food coloring to give them more of a grey fog look.


I piped these mashed potato ghosts using an icing bag and used tiny pieces of black olive for the eyes. If you ever pipe mashed potatoes, BEWARE, they are hot on the hands. Wrap the outside of the bag with a paper towel to buffer the heat from your skin.

I am off to bed after a fantastically full week of creepy food. We are a little sad around here now that our Third Annual Creepy Food Week has come to a close. It has been a super fun year, but I do need a year to refresh myself with some new ideas! Although, tomorrow is the Day of the Dead, maybe some Batwing Quesadilla’s will be in order.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Ian says:

    IMHO this is the best one of all

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