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let it snow featured on Inspired Celebrations!


Just in case you missed the excitement on Facebook earlier, the Let It Snow Holiday Collection is featured today on Inspired Celebration! My very first feature, very exciting!! I even grabbed a screenshot of it to commemorate the occasion.

Inspired Celebrations Feature

This truly made my day. You should check out Zoe’s entire post, she has some loverly snowflake picks. While you’re there you should take a look at her archived posts too, so many loverly bits of inspiration!

Thanks for making my day Zoe!

let it snow holiday collection


I am so excited to share with you the full Let It Snow Holiday Collection {DIY Printable Party}! Earlier this week I prepared this little collection at home to better show you this new deisgn, just in time for your holiday party! This sweet little snowflake design is perfect for your holiday party or your winter birthday. Take a look at all the icy blue details and find links to the NEW collection in both the Scubbly shop and Etsy shop below! Don’t forget, it is ON SALE for 50 PERCENT OFF for a limited time!

Get your Let It Snow Collection instantly HERE on Scubbly!


Get your Let It Snow Collection HERE on Etsy!

welcome to We love crafty Tracey on etsy!


I couldn’t be more excited today! Not only am I preparing to launch the first printable party in my holiday collection (hopefully tonight), but I opened my new etsy shop!

I have spent this afternoon setting up shop and adding my Matroyshka: Pop {DIY Printable Party}. My matroyshka party has been listed in my Scubbly shop since the summer, and I have just not had the chance to get back to work for so long, but all that has changed in the past couple of weeks.

I have been given the gift of time to work twice a week and I couldn’t be happier! Having dedicated work time is something I have been yearning for all year. It feels GOOD and productive! It has given me the opportunity to get a new printable party designed and the chance to get my etsy store up and running.

It’s all very new and fresh, and I have much to learn about etsy and personalizing my shop, all of which I look forward to! I am so looking forward to what may come, no matter how big or small. There is so much more fun to be had designing and creating new party designs.

My first collection on etsy!

etsy shop

Go check it out!

playing with snowflakes


What an exciting day! I have been busy all afternoon working on the photo shoot for my new Let It Snow printable party! Everything has been printed, treats have been baked and purchased, and now I am in the final stages before launch. Want to see a bit of what I’ve been doing today?

let it snow!

I am so excited to share the entire collection with you later this week!

tissue poms


We all know I am a lover of the big, fluffy tissue paper poms. I make them for events all the time, and for around the house prettiness.

Then I found fabric flower pomanders! I have been loving these fabric flower balls since the summer when I first saw them over on Once Wed care of Ashley of Dolci Odille.


How luscious and delicately pretty are these? You should definitely check out the post if you love them as much as I do, Ashley posted step-by-step instructions on how to make them!

A good ball of flowers, tissue or fabric always catches my eye. Recently I found this Tissue Rose Piñata on Kate Landers Events.

Tissue Rose Pinata

A tissue paper flower ball that is also a pinata! It doesn’t get better, or prettier than that! Again, you must check out this post for the step-by-step instructions.

Just a little bit of happiness of this gloomy, gray day. A pretty ball of flowers always cheers me up! How about you?

vintage christmas


Another productive day working on some new printable collections. Today has been about giving thanks and the shapes of vintage Christmas tree ornaments. Although we have no snow in this part of the world, not yet anyway, the Christmas decor in the stores and the carols over the radio are feeding the festive spirit in my girls and I. I have been inspired to design way too many Christmas printables, for one year. This is the one I started playing around with this week, and I must say, I am loving it!

Classic Vintage Collection

Classic Vintage Ornament



Playing with snowflakes today for our new holiday printable party.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come!

The Let It Snow! Collection

Let It Snow! Invites

Let It Snow! Bunting

Let It Snow! Party Circles


It’s beginning to feel a bit like Yule! Come back later this week. I’ll show you a peek of the vintage Christmas ornament collection which I am falling in love with!

I will always remember – free printable!


Thank you

Remembrance Day is tomorrow and it always leads to memories of my grandfather and just how thankful I am to have had him in my life. My grandfather, John Sebastian, was in the Royal Canadian  Navy, a veteran of World War II. He was a proud Navy man. He wore an anchor around his neck for most of his life. When I was in highschool, he was gifted a new  gold anchor and gave his original anchor to me. He spoke of his ship and his shipmates. He told me stories about his best friend who was killed during the war and gave me a picture of the two of them together which was taken one day while on leave during the war.

I once painted his ship on the back of his RCN spring jacket for a ship reunion. Apparently it was very well recieved by him and his shipmates. It was the only thing I asked for when he passed away, the picture long faded, but the mutual pride and love forever remain.

The stories he shared were always happy, he would never share the sad stories. Whenever anyone asked, he always said “I do not want you to know about the things I have seen, I do not want you to live with them as I do.” I never asked again, his point was clear. It is a point I have heard many others in the military make as well, and I respect it and am grateful for how they protect my peace of mind. Because that is what they do, not only protect our freedom, but our peace of mind. 

Before my grandfather passed away, he participated in every reunion and gathering with his fellow shipmates and he participated in every Remembrance Day ceremony at the cenotaph. I don’t know if he ever missed one.

I can only hope I thanked him enough for his sacrifice and his love while he was alive. But I do thank him and every man and woman in the service every year on November 11th by rocking the poppy and observing a minutes silence at 11am. So in honor of the veterans that have fought for our freedom, I have designed a thank you note for Remembrance Day so you can thank someone in your life; a friend, a grandparent, a veteran. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

Download, print, and give thanks.  It is my thank you to you as well, for reading and coming back!

I remember. Love you grandpa.

halloween dessert table


At last the final bit of Halloween fun! I can hardly believe the season is truly over and yet I am head over heels excited with all the Yule inspired projects coming up. But let’s end the Halloween season with a fabulous display of sweets!

I hope you enjoyed that yummy Halloween feast for the eyes and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

orange and black halloween dessert table


I am finally getting aorund to posting about two Halloween dessert tables I styled over the weekend. This first one was a kid’s table and I have only a few pictures that I was able to take very quickly while a group of hungry children waited in the hallway. I was barely able to get out alive!

The host had a beautiful orange wall in the hallway next to the Great Room, perfect for a Halloween dessert table! The theme for the table was all orange, black and touches of white (recognize those candy cones?). The table was covered in orange, black and white candies: candy corn, orange and black m&ms, jack-o-lantern wrapped chocolate balls, candy sticks, gumballs, candy corn flavoured dots and jack-o-lantern sugar cookies.

Come back later for a peek at another Halloween table complete with glitter and creepy creatures!