a day of fun and crafting

It’s been a great day around these parts! An early morning craft and gab session with some of my favorite girlfriends and an afternoon of crafting and paper cutting with my favorite daughters. I love how my girls tend to stick around the studio when I’m busy preparing a printable set for launch or testing out a table design for an upcoming client party. They like to get in and help, let me know what they think looks good, and sometimes just watch and stare at all the pretties that are lying around. I get excited by what I do and I love watching them get excited about what I do! I love watching them watch the process with eager eyes and open hearts. It’s something I love to share with them and I really, really LOVE having them see their mama happy and productive. It also inspires them to get crafty and how could I not love that!

Such a good, fun day. Want a sneak peek at what’s coming your way, and to my Etsy shop later this week?

Bright colors and lots o love! Off try and sneak a little bit of knitting in before bed. Tomorrow is going to be another busy, busy day!

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