i love gumballs

Why is it that staring at bags and bags of gumballs makes me smile?

I would dream of candy stores as a child, not unlike Willy Wonka, where jars and jars of brightly colored gumballs would be on display for me to stare at and chew. Rainbow mixes would not do! Whenever I would get gumballs as a kid I would separate them into piles of a single color, ok well, I still do that, but they look so pretty that way! It’s no wonder my girls keep asking for the bubblegum, you see, we are a bunch of gumball loving girls in this house!

I just used these gumballs for a product shoot. 


Now what to do with them all? Well, I do have one project up my sleeve for my daughter’s 4th birthday party, but I need to pick up some supplies and make a few before I can share. But I won’t leave you hanging! I did find a super fantatsic craft for gumballs that I am really excited to share with you via One Charming Party. Gumball necklaces!!

Oh my gumball goodness, are these not the cutest?! My daughters and I have made felted beads and strung them into bracelets and necklaces (lots of good, wet fun that is!), but this is so seriously edibly good, I can’t stand it! I want a gumball necklace! Cuter and sweeter than candy necklaces, and oh so wearable!

Want to make one or ten of your own? You simply must go check out One Charming Party and follow their tutorial. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, yes! Perfect for any day! I need more gumballs so I can coordinate my gumballs with my shoes.

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  1. I LOVE those gumball necklaces! What an adorable idea. I always have the same problem as you. I buy tonnes of candy for photo props but never know what to do with it afterwards. Sometimes I just keep it in the cold cellar to reuse the next year for more pics and hope no one asks me for some!

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