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Earlier this week we love crafty Tracey launched (pun intended) a new DIY Printable Party, the Rocketship Collection! In the spirit of all things rocketship, I found some fantastic rocket party inspiration around the web that I wanted to share with you! If you are planning a rocket or space themed party for your boy or girl, I’m sure you will find some inspiring images and ideas here!

First let’s talk about cake!

Rocket Ship Cake

Toy Story theme aside, I love this cake. Of course I would ditch the alien on top and keep the rest, but that’s because I am not throwing a Toy Story party, just a rocketship party. And I love the simplicity of this cake for a rocket ship party. It looks like this cake, found on Southern Belle’s Charm, is mostly fondant, but you can make your favorite cake, cover it in your favorite buttercream and decorate it with simple fondant rocketships! Yes, you would have to play with fondant to make these edible rocketships, but playing with fondant is fun! NO, really it is!

To make these rocketships, all you would need is a circle cookie cutter, a rockethip cookie cutter and a set of number cookie cutters, along with a bit of fondant. You roll out and cut the fondant like you would a sugar cookie. To attach the pieces, use a small brush only used for food, dipped in a bit of vanilla extract to ‘glue’ the pieces together. Alternately, you could bake and decorate a batch of rocketship sugar cookies to decorate your cake as well, double yum!

Rocket Push Pops

How freaking awesome are these?! I am starting to see more cake push pops popping up all over the internet and I am dying to try my hand at making some! I found these rocket push pops on And Everything Sweet. Seriously, I think these are freaking fantastic. I did find a supplier for the clear push pops, seriously considering ordering a case. 

Mini Rocketship Cakes

Again, how can you not love these?! I can imagine the looks on the faces of party goers when they see these, and the eager hands ready to fly with a quick bite! For a quick, no bake cake alternative, you can whip up these mini space shuttle cakes from The Celebration Shoppe. Kim posted a quick and easy tutorial for you, go see!

Rocketship Sandwiches

I spied these rocketship sandwiches over on Hip Hip Hooray and thought they were so awesome I had to share! If you are feeding the pack some ‘food’ food before the sweets, these would be perfect! Make the birthday boy’s favorite sandwich and embellish with pieces of radish, red and orange peppers, cheese slices and pickle! Sounds mmm yum to me AND it sneaks in some vegetables. Perfect for growing astronauts!

That covers the food, now for some fun and activities!

Astronaut Jet Packs

What little boy or girl wouldn’t love to fly around a party wearing these?!?! I found these on the Busy Me, Busy With Three blog. Start saving your 2L pop bottles now, these jet packs need two pop bottles each! With all the pop you’ll be drinking, you may not need a jet pack, but you will be able to keep up with party goers! To make these jet packs, all you need is two 2L pop bottles, tin foil or silver tissue paper to stuff into the bottles to give them that silver jet pack look, duct tape to wrap around the bottles to hold them together and create shoulder straps, one large red disposable cup taped onto the lid of the pop bottle, and red and orange tissue paper to stuff into the cups for tissue fire. Check out Elissa’s post for more great rocketship party ideas!

Rocketship Coloring Station

If your party guests are still into colouring, setting up a personalized colouring station is a great way to keep them busy while you serve the food! Customized colouring sheets are great seating cards and placemats. Party goers know exactly where they are sitting (no fighting over who gets to sit where) and they have a placemat to colour while they wait for the food (just like in a restaurant!). I downloaded these rocketship colouring pages from Twisty Noodle. I love Twisty Noodle! Tons of free colouring pages AND you can customize the sheets with any caption you would like! I downloaded a selection of rocketships and added captions like ‘Blast Off!’ and party guests names. To make crayon sharing easier, save a few tin cans and use our new Rocketship Collection Decorative Papers (they’re 50% OFF for a limited time!) to wrap your cans, then fill with crayons. Easy to grab and pass around the table.

So how about some take home fun?

Homemade Moon Sand

Now I have watched kids play with moon sand, and it keeps them busy and happy for a good, long time, over and over and over again. Depending on how much you would like to spend, you can purchase Moon Sand, or you can make it yourself with this recipe I found over on Wise Bread. I have not made this myself, but I”m betting I will be sometime soon. I have two crafty little girls who would love to sculpt and play and squish.

Loot Bags

If you want a traditional send-them-home-with-a-loot-bag-full-of-candy, use our Rocketship Loot Bag Toppers with a clear cello loot bag and stuff with space inspired treats! Fill a cello loot bag with Milky Way or Mars bars, Starburst candies, and Orbit gum, or fill it to the brim with chocolate moon rocks! You know, those wee bits of chocolate in a candy coating made to look like rocks? Oh so good!

I hope you found some of these ideas for a rocketship party inspiring. My husband wants to make a jet pack and some moon sand. Yes honey, I know you didn’t want me to say that online (but you should have seen the look on his face when I described those jet packs)!

Tell me about your rocketship party inspiration, I would love to hear it!

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