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a birthday in wonderland


Just sent out the invites to my daughter’s 4th birthday party. Moving into full party planning mode! So happy with how her invites turned out. They are based on th e Alice in Wonderland drawings by Maria L. Kirk, my favorite illustrations of C.S. Lewis’ story. My daughter resembles Maria’s Alice in so many ways, so it really is a perfect fit. I’d love to hear what you think!

a new look


Oh my, after a week of vacation and a week of sickness, I’m back! It’s nice to be back. I was getting a little tired of the heavy, phlegmy chest, ick! No more cough, a little more designing I say!

Through the coughing, I’ve been busy working on new custom DIY Printable Parties with so many more in line. I’ve also been working on a little re-branding and I think I ‘ve finally got it! Well, actually I’ve had it for over a month and a bit, I’ve been waiting on my programmer, le sigh. But it’s finally coming together, oh thank goodness, I’m ready to look at a little yellow and grey, yes I am! Yes, that’s right, it’s going to look a little different around here, a lot yellow and a little gray. A little black thrown in for good measure. Always inspired by two of my favorite accessories: a beautiful grey, yellow, black and white scarf brought back for me from Turkey, and my favorite pair of yellow and black, oh so punk rock Vulture Girl Blondie pair of heels. I will forever be inspired by those heels.

I am getting excited for the launch of my new design. I must order business cards soon! And since I just can’t resist a sneak peek, here’s a wee little taste of what you will soon see in this space.

Hope you love it as much as I do!

{Free Printable} kiss me i’m irish


Well, actually, I’m not Irish. I’m a Scottish-German-Polish mix, but my husband is Irish. And St. Patty’s Day is coming up, so kiss me, I’m Irish!

Just kidding! But I do have a wee little something for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! Hopefully they’ll bring you a little luck, a lot of cheer and maybe some kisses too!

Get your free St. Patty’s Day Party Circles HERE on SCRIBD!

happy pancake tuesday


Image via Cakies

Isn’t that the loveliest stack of pancakes? Hope your pancake Tuesday is full of delicious pancake goodness!

{loving} free rainbows


I just couldn’t resist sharing this.

You can get one of your own. Just head over to the lovely blog Simple as That to download your free printable.

Oh heck, now I’m wishing for a warm summer rain. You know, the splashing in the gutter, dancing on the lawn in my bare feet kid of warm, summer rain. Heavy, but not torrential. Happy summer rains, the kind that always end in rainbows.