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hello re-design, hello!


It’s looking a little different around here, do you like it? I’m tickled to finally be able to launch the re-design of we love crafty Tracey, tickled gray and yellow to be exact! It seems like oh so many weeks ago the design was finalized and pieced together, oh so long ago! But it’s taken some time to tweak and polish. I do still have a couple of things to figure out, like how do I customize those page headers and what newsletter sign-up system should I go with? And really, I am a believer that no work is ever truly done in the eye of the creator, so goodness knows what else may pop up here!

Overall I am so very happy with my new look (and all the new pages and categories!), it is so much more me. Ribboned and pinstriped. Colours that are stylish, elegant and when tweaked the right way, a little punk rock. As I must always be a little punk rock. OK, maybe more than a little punk rock, I do love me some Blondie and Siouxsie Sioux!

In celebration of the new design, because I do love to celebrate, I didn’t want to launch without including a celebratory thank you so much to you. To you, my readers, my customers, my friends online, a thank you for your ongoing support and inspiration!

So here’s a little congratulations to me and thank you so much to you! I’ve designed a sweet little set of gray and yellow pinstriped note cards that say what else? Congratulations and thank you so much! So when you have those moments when you need to say congrats or thank you, you can call on these timeless little notes to help you do just that!

Because I am a wee little addicted to party flags (and cake bunting for that matter!), I had to add in some party flags to dress up your drinks! A little pinstripe,

a little congratulations,

and there is some oh happy day in there too!

You can find the note cards and party flags on Scribd. You can also access these free printables through the new Freebies page!! Wheeee, how nice is it when your site has all the things you need on it? Lovely!

I hope you love it as much as I do. Leave me a comment below and let me you know what you think of the re-design, I would love to hear!


happy easter


Wishing you and yours a happy, springy Easter!

lollipop covers


Welcome back for the last installment of “what can you do with the free Easter Egg printable?” Today’s craft is another childhood favorite. This one comes to you care of one of the handful of Sunday school classes I attended as a child, lollipop covers. I remember making about 4 covered lollipops, sticking them into bits of styrofoam placed in a piece of egg carton and covering the styrofoam with Easter shred so you couldn’t see it. I remember proudly walking to my mother after the class, ever so carefully holding my egg carton filled with lollipops, with a beaming smile on my face. Oh the funny things we remember from our childhood! I’m happy to remember all the crafty things I did as a child, and believe me, if it was crafty, I remember it! Then I save these memories for when my girls are just the right age and I pull them out of my sleeve and sit down for an afternoon of crafting! This is another one of those simple crafts I love making with my children!

The free Easter Egg printable sheet is designed with two rows of Easter eggs to make it easy for you to make lollipop covers with your children, again it’s all in the cutting! All you need is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, hole punch, tape and some lollipops.


Cut out each pair of eggs with a bridge between the eggs and a tab on one egg.


You can omit the tab on the egg and it will work out just fine.

Punch a hole in the bridge between the two eggs.


With the patterned side down, slide the lollipop into the hole.

Fold both sides up (patterned eggs now facing outwards).

If using the tab, fold the tab, slip inside the egg on the backside and secure with tape.

If not using the tab, use a dab of glue near the top of the eggs (on the blank side) to glue the eggs together or use a bit of tape to secure the front and back sides.


I think a selection of these in an Easter basket, or in half of an egg carton, would be a very cute display for an Easter luncheon or gift for a parent or sibling.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple and fun Easter crafts! Now head on over to Scribd, download the free Easter Egg printable if you haven’t already, and have fun crafting with your children! If you want a little more decor for your Easter celebration, check out the coordinating Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party in my Etsy shop! It’s 50% OFF until tomorrow!

easter egg diy printable party pics!


Last week was the launch of the Easter Egg DIY Holiday Collection Printable Party. I was so excited about this collection that it was launched sans photographs. I am happy to say that I finally have pics of the Easter Egg collection!

Don’t forget the collection is still 50% OFF, but only until Friday!


Hop on over to Etsy to get your Easter Egg Holiday Collection for 50% OFF!

simple egg stands


Welcome back for another installment of “what can you do with the free Easter Egg printable?” This craft comes to you care of my days as a 4yo in primary school. Do you remember the crafts you would make around Easter in kindergarten and grade 1? I remember a lot of simple cut and paste, strips of paper and egg cartons. One of the crafts we would make were egg stands, simple strips of paper curled into a circle which we used to balance and display our freshly painted Easter eggs. Sometimes we would glue bunny heads on the front, or flowers. I would make a couple at school and then go home and make one for every member of my family, so we all had an egg stand at breakfast! Yes, I was that girl.

This is a fun craft to do with your children for Easter! All you need is the free Easter Egg printable, a second sheet of decorative paper (I used a polka dot paper found in the coordinating Easter Egg DIY Printable Party collection available in my Etsy shop), scissors, tape and a hard boiled egg.

Cut out the easter eggs on the printable sheet. Cut your decorative paper into strips, approximately .75″ wide and 5″ long.

Curl your strip of paper into a circle and secure with tape.

Attach the Easter egg to the paper circle with tape on the back side of the egg.

Place your hard boiled egg into the egg stand.

Decorate your place settings for Easter breakfast!

Tell me, do you remember making these as a child?

Come back tomorrow for our final installment of “what can you do with the free Easter Egg printable?”. Tomorrow we make lollipop covers!

what can you do with our free easter egg printable?


With Easter less than a week away, the world is a flurry of shopping and preparing Easter crafts. But Easter celebrations needn’t be elaborate if you don’t have the time (our family will be away enjoying a family luncheon, so we are keeping it simple this year). This week will be full of simple paper crafts you can craft for Easter using the free Easter Egg printable up on Scribd!

The free Easter Egg printable is designed to make it easy for you to create bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers, lollipop covers and egg wraps for your Easter table. Yes, all in one printable! It’s all in how you cut it.

Let’s start with the simplest (and most obvious), the bottle wrappers.

All you need to create bottle wrappers is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, tape and a bottle of water, or a bottle of bubbles!

Simply cut out a strip of eggs,

 tape to the bottle,


and voila, a simple and colorful bottle wrapper!

The cupcake toppers are just as easy! One sheet of the free Easter Egg printable creates 10 Easter Egg cupcake toppers. All you need to create cupcake toppers is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, tape, lollipop sticks and some cupcakes, or cake pops or mini donuts, or your favorite sweet treat.

Cut out each Easter Egg. Attach to lollipop sticks using a bit of tape.

Stick into a cupcake!

Two simple, and the most obvious, crafts you can create with the free Easter Egg printable on Scrib’d. But seriously, wouldn’t a tray of cupcakes with Easter egg cupcake toppers be terribly cute? 

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to use the free Easter Egg printable to create quick and easy egg wraps!

easter egg cutouts on scribd!


Yesterday, was the launch of the new Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party! The entire DIY Printable Party collection is up in my Etsy shop. Have you gone over to see it yet? It is super fantastic :) As I promised yesterday, there is a set of solid coloured Easter Egg  Cut Outs now available for FREE on Scribd!

These easter eggs are simple, sweet and they fully coordinate with the  Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party available in my shop!  Now what can you do with these? Sooo many things, but I’m not going to leave you hanging! Hop on back next week when we’ll start in on the Easter crafts you can do with our printable set!

Gotta hopppity hop hop off to the kitchen, I’ve got party treats to bake!

(NEW TO SHOP) easter egg holiday collection!


April is always a busy time of the year with my youngest daughter’s birthday and nephew birthdays. Add illness and Easter into the mix and it gets crazy! I’ve been busy preparing for multiple parties and Easter and I can’t tell you how very excited I am about the new Easter DIY Printable Party. Well, yes I can, I am SUPER-EXCITED about this new collection for Easter, I just had to release it into the world, even though the full photo spread isn’t ready yet (but it will be…soon!). It’s just too cute to not put out there! I am so excited to present the Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party!

Perfect for those Easter Egg Hunts you may be hosting, or if you weren’t planning on hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, hopefully this will change your mind! This collection has everything you need to fully coordinate a hopping good Easter Egg hunt: invites, bottle or bubble wrappers (huge bubble fans around here!), lollipop and mini chocolate bar wrappers, egg shaped cut-outs perfect for cupcake toppers, petal boxes perfect for displaying little nests and peeps and other edible treats and the cutest little bunny banner you ever did see and much, much more! Everything is fill-in-the-blank, ready to go! The Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party is 50 PERCENT OFF, right now!  Hop on over to my Etsy shop and grab yours, just in time for Easter! Then hoppity hop back here tomorrow for the FREE coordinating Easter Egg cut-outs!





Hoppity hop on over to Etsy to get your Easter Egg Holiday Collection!

yarn bombing report on


A little over a week ago, I mentioned to my Facebook and Twitter followers that I was contacted by a reporter from about my yarn bombing exploits. The article is up! It went up last week and this is a testament to how busy I’ve been, I am just getting around to announcing it now. Some weeks there are just not enough hours in the day.

Although I have not recently joined a yarn bombing group (yes, I am still a lone yarn bomber, working to put a smile on the faces of strangers), the article is accurate and short. I took a screen capture for the sake of posterity.

You can read the article online at as well.  Thank you Laura for including me in your article, it was great fun talking to you about yarn bombing!

Are you inspired to yarn bomb?

edible microphones


Earlier this week I launched a Rock Star DIY Printable Party especially for GIRLS who love to sing and we want to keep the party inspiration on a high note. Are you ready to rock that mic? Because today is all about the edible microphones featured at my daughter’s rock star birthday party.

When planning her party I knew I wanted crazy rock star place settings that somehow included microphones. But I also wanted everything on the table to be edible or mostly edible. Edible microphones! First I thought cake in ice cream cones, but I also wanted a mix of treats for the girls to enjoy and I had already planned a 3 tier cake and I was keeping the cake! Then I started thinking about how much I wanted to play and sculpt with cereal treats, just like they do in all those cake challenges. Hmmm, cereal treats covered in chocolate and sprinkles, it started coming together.

I hit the internet looking for edible microphones and just didn’t find anything that looked as realistic as the image I had in my head. I didn’t want just silver sugar and I didn’t want to use the silver balls (not so edible or yummy). So I started shopping and keeping an eye out for cones and sprinkles that would give me that realistic look I was hoping for. It was many months of shopping around, and a couple trips across the border to the US, but oh yes I found those sprinkles and cones and created my version of the edible microphone.

These weren’t difficult to make, but they did take some time. If you are familiar with making cake pops at home, you’ll rock these no problem!

First you need some supplies, specifically ice cream cones and jimmies. I looked all over South-Western Ontario for chocolate ice cream cones and came to the sad conclusion that they did not exist in Canada. Well, not my part of Canada anyway. So away I went on a weekend adventure across the border into the U.S. I was shopping at Wegman’s at midnight when I turned the corner in the freezer aisle and there they were, just what I was looking for – chocolate cones!

Let’s just say my girlfriend got a kick out of my happy dance and beaming smile and the store employees were given a wake-up woot!

Then came the sprinkles. After much experimentation with silver jimmies and grey sugars, I finally found what I was really looking for:

Silver Pearlized Jimmies by Wilton (found them at Michael’s in the US and Canada). The perfect realistic microphone colour and texture don’t you think?

The jimmies are fairly easy to find, but the ice cream cones are a little harder. I’m sure there must be some chocolate cones somewhere in Canada! Just in case, normal waffle cones with paper wraps or the coloured cones will work just as well.

After finding cones and jimmies, the tricky, tricky part was figuring out how to display the microphones! I wanted them standing up at each individual place setting. I started out looking for black iron candle holders and ended up finding something better at my local dollar store – doll stands! Thanks to the manager at the store who questioned why I needed 8 candle holders when he only had two, I found the perfect solution thanks to his creativity and quick thinking! You can purchase doll stands at most craft stores, and some dollar discount stores. Placing the finished microphones into their microphone stands, er doll stands, can be tricky, it is a bit of a balancing act.

I really had a lot of fun creating these and have had so many lovely comments about how fantastic they looked, I couldn’t be more pleased. Perfect for a girl’s rock star party, especially if your girl likes to rock the microphone and sing her little heart out!

Edible Microphones

A cereal treat you can sing about!

What you need:

Ingredients for your favorite Rice Krispie Squares recipe
4 Cups White Candy Coating (brown candy coating also work)
Black Gel Food Colouring
1 Cup Brown Candy Coating
Wilton’s Silver Pearlized Jimmies
Chocolate Ice Cream Cones
Wax Paper
Styrofoam Block

What you do:

1. Prepare Rice Krispie squares using your favorite recipe and let cool.

2. Cover a section of your work table with wax paper for a working surface and resting spot for your finished microphone heads.

3. Once cool, scoop out 2 TBSP of your Rice Krispie treats and knead until pliable. Once the cereal treats are soft, mold into a microphone shape, either round or oval, and place on the wax paper when finished. This is the fun part!

4. Place skewers into the styrofoam block so they are 3 inches apart. This will create a drying rack for your dipped and sprinkled microphone heads.

5. Melt your white candy coating using your favorite technique (microwave, double boiler, etc) and add a drop of black gel food colouring and mix well. Add small amounts of food colouring until you achieve your preferred shade of gray. Pick up a microphone head and dip into the melted candy coating so the candy coating  covers 3/4 of the microphone head. Make sure the bowl is deep enough so you can cover the microphone head easily. Then remove and gently tap off any extra coating.

6. Holding the dipped microphone head over a plate, lightly sprinkle the jimmies over the microphone head until it is completely covered. Use the jimmies on the plate to cover any bare spots.

7. Slide the microphone head onto a skewer in your styrofoam block until the bottom of the microphone head rests on the block. Place in the fridge to set.

8. Once the microphone heads have set, melt the brown candy coating using your favorite technique (microwave, double boiler, etc) and pour into a squeeze bottle.

9. Pipe a fine line of brown candy coating around the center of the center of the microphone head and place back onto a skewer to dry.

10. Pipe a line of brown candy coating onto the inside rim of your ice cream cone. Place the microphone head into the ice cream cone and hold until the candy coating sets.

11. Carefully place the edible microphone into your microphone stand (doll stand).

12. Get ready to rock (and eat!) that mic!

Makes 12.