hello re-design, hello!

It’s looking a little different around here, do you like it? I’m tickled to finally be able to launch the re-design of we love crafty Tracey, tickled gray and yellow to be exact! It seems like oh so many weeks ago the design was finalized and pieced together, oh so long ago! But it’s taken some time to tweak and polish. I do still have a couple of things to figure out, like how do I customize those page headers and what newsletter sign-up system should I go with? And really, I am a believer that no work is ever truly done in the eye of the creator, so goodness knows what else may pop up here!

Overall I am so very happy with my new look (and all the new pages and categories!), it is so much more me. Ribboned and pinstriped. Colours that are stylish, elegant and when tweaked the right way, a little punk rock. As I must always be a little punk rock. OK, maybe more than a little punk rock, I do love me some Blondie and Siouxsie Sioux!

In celebration of the new design, because I do love to celebrate, I didn’t want to launch without including a celebratory thank you so much to you. To you, my readers, my customers, my friends online, a thank you for your ongoing support and inspiration!

So here’s a little congratulations to me and thank you so much to you! I’ve designed a sweet little set of gray and yellow pinstriped note cards that say what else? Congratulations and thank you so much! So when you have those moments when you need to say congrats or thank you, you can call on these timeless little notes to help you do just that!

Because I am a wee little addicted to party flags (and cake bunting for that matter!), I had to add in some party flags to dress up your drinks! A little pinstripe,

a little congratulations,

and there is some oh happy day in there too!

You can find the note cards and party flags on Scribd. You can also access these free printables through the new Freebies page!! Wheeee, how nice is it when your site has all the things you need on it? Lovely!

I hope you love it as much as I do. Leave me a comment below and let me you know what you think of the re-design, I would love to hear!


2 Responses to “hello re-design, hello!”

  1. Looks great, Tracey! Love the color scheme.

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks so much Zoe! So happy to hear you like the colour scheme. I think it is a lovely improvement over the last one, but I’m totally biased :)

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