canada day crafts: firework cupcake toppers

Am I getting you in a crafty mood yet? I think this next Canada Day craft is sure to light your fire!

Anyone serving up some two-bite brownies or cupcakes tomorrow? I ate all the two-bite brownies last night, soI need to run off and grab some more for tomorrow, they are a holiday favorite around here. We like to light them up for Canada Day, make them sparkle with live sparklers, but we also like to dress them up with some kid-safe firework cupcake toppers!

All you need (besides the brownies of course) to make these firework cupcake toppers are lollipop sticks (you could also use long toothpicks), tape and tissue or crepe paper or paper napkins. I’m using red napkins.

First you want to open your napkin to make a large rectangle, cut along the folded edge, and put one piece aside. Fold the other piece with long sides together to create a long thin rectangle amd cut along the folded edge again, place one piece aside. With the remaining piece of napkin, cut along one edge to create fringe, leaving a .5 cm edge uncut. Fringe scissors would be very helpful at this stage.

Attach one end of the fringe to a lollipop stick with a bit of tape.

Start rolling! Roll the fringe around the lollipop stick and secure the end to the lollipop stick with tape until it is quite secure.

Fluff your firework and place in a brownie!

I think these firework toppers work perfectly with the party circles and flags in my Canada Day DIY Printable Party Holiday Collection. But if you want to stick with fireworks,  you can make them in a variety of different colours for a full firework display! They do look quite magical in sparkly paper.

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