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what do you serve for thanksgiving dinner?


Happy Friday!

I must tell you, I’ve been having a great week! Earlier this week I launched my new Happy Halloween printable, and I must say it is super sweet. You must check it out if you haven’t already (psst, it’s still on sale for 50% OFF!). I also won tickets to go see Dragonette tonight in Toronto. So I’m off to a concert tonight and I’m super excited about that! You should also check out Dragonette, they freaking rock!

And tomorrow I’m off to the beach with my family to close up for the season, which is kinda sad, but it’s been a great season! But I didn’t want to leave for the weekend without asking you dear readers, a question.

Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner! So of course, I’m working on some printables for Thanksgiving and would love your input! I always look forward to our annual Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings! Stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade cranberry jelly, sweet potato and apple bake, carrot and turnip mash, and homemade pumpkin pie. Mmm yum, I am salivating just thinking about it! A wonderful celebration of harvest and thanks with those I am most thankful for, my husband and my girls.

So my question to you is: what are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

I’d really like to prefill my Thanksgiving tent cards with your favorite Thanksgiving dishes so you can just print, cut and decorate your Thanksgiving table, easy peasy pudding pie! And because I am ever so thankful for my readers and customers, I want to give away a few sets of printables, or 12! If you tell me what your favorite dish is in the comments below or on my Facebook page, and if I pick your dish, I’ll give you the entire Thanksgiving printable set as a gift! You can tell me what your favorite dish is simple and straight up (like Mashed Potatoes) or with a fantastically descriptive title (like Double Butter Whipped Mashed Potatoes) just as long as you tell me :)  

So tell me, what are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

{diy} ribbon flower headbands


If you’re like me, you just might have a BIG love for flowered accessories. Big, giant flowers! I have a serious love for giant flowers to wear in my hear, on a sash, on my lapel, love, love, love them! My daughter is quick becoming a lover of giant flowers, so I got to work making these zebra print flower headbands for her party guests.

Yup, that’s me. I love how these turned out, so I thought I’d share the process with you, just in case you would like to make one, or 6, of your own!

To start, gather your supplies. You will need ribbon, a needle and thread or a sewing machine, felt, fabric glue or a glue gun and an elastic headband.

Cut approx. 1.5 meters of ribbon. You need to gather your ribbon so your flower has that nice ruffly look. You can do this by hand or on a sewing machine, although sewing machine is faster. To gather your ribbon, sew a running stitch along one side of the ribbon.

Your running stitch should be loose and your stitches should be approx 1/4 inch long. If using a sewing machine, you may only need to increase your stitch length by a couple of settings and set your tension to the lowest setting.

If sewing by hand, keep your stitches approx 1/4 inch long and loose. I would insert the needle up and down through the ribbon multiple times before pulling the thread through, so it looks like this:

This keeps your stitches nice and loose and once you get into a groove, the sewing goes by fairly quickly. Once you have a running stitch along the entire length of the ribbon, gently slide the ribbon along the thread to create the gathers. If you use a sewing machine, you will end up with a tangled, gathered mess of ribbon like this:

Don’t worry, that is just what you want.

Next, cut out two circles of felt approx 3 inches diameter.

Using your fabric glue or glue gun, run a line of glue along the edge of the felt and press the end of your ribbon into place. Do not tug or try to straighten your ribbon, gently smooth out the twists and place the gathers evenly as you press the ribbon into the glue.

Continue gluing the ribbon in a spiral pattern onto the felt, gently smoothing the ribbon and placing the gathers as evenly as possible, until you reach the center.

If you hit the center with excess ribbon, trim the ribbon down to about 1 inch. Fold in the raw edge of the ribbon and secure with glue. This will ensure you have a clean, finished edge at the center of your flower and will prevent the ribbon from fraying. Fold the ribbon backwards so the patterned side of the ribbon is facing out on both sides. Place a dab of glue in the center of the flower and press your fold of ribbon into the glue.

At this point you can leave the flower as is, or you can embellish the center with a button. I chose to leave the centers as is for this flower.

Once you flip your flower over, you will notice the glue seeping through the felt, so you’ll want to cover that up with the second circle of felt. Run a line of glue along the outer edge of the felt backing and gently press the second felt circle on top. Now you have a clean, finished back!

Cut a small rectangle of felt. You will use this to secure the flower to your headband. Place your headband flat along the center of the flower backing. Add a line of glue along both short edges of your felt rectangle and press it onto the flower backing.

This will secure your headband to the flower while still allowing your headband to stretch.

Let set according to the directions on your glue. Most fabric glues require 24 hrs to set; glue gun sets in about an hour.

Wear your ribbon headband with your beautiful smile and proudly declare “I made it!” when asked where you got that lovely flower in your hair!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you! Even if you don’t have a question, leave me a comment, I love comments!

{NEW TO SHOP} happy halloween!


Are you hosting a Halloween party  this year? Get excited because I have just launched my latest DIY Printable Party collection for Halloween!

I have been so eager to share this classic black, orange and white collection with you! If you want to host a Halloween party in traditional colours with a whole lot of sweetness, this may be the collection for you. A little spooky with a frightful BOO, but mostly full of sweetness with plenty of candy corn and a cutie patootie ghost wearing a bow on her head and I am totally in love with her!

The Happy Halloween collection has everything you need to craft a sweet and spooktacular party! Invitations with a DIY crafty flair, 3 sheets of party circles, 2 sheets of bottle wrappers, tent cards, favor tags, 3 party signs, ghost cut outs, mini chocolate bar wrappers, a Happy Halloween banner, and 10 sheets of coordinating decorative papers so you can create your favorite paper decorations in coordinating patterns. I used the paper to cover the tops of some loot bags, line platters and decorate lollipop stands.

We all know I love gumballs! So I had to make a giant candy corn out of gumballs and an icing bag. I just couldn’t resist.

And because I love a simple party DIY, you can decorate your invitations with a party circle of your choice! Simply, print and punch out your favorite party circles and attach at the top of your invite (guide circle provided on the invites). Candy corn and jack-o-lanterns for the boys and cutie patootie girlie ghost for the girls!

Seriously, I love her!

The Happy Halloween Collection is now available in my Etsy shop!

And because I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with you, I am launching the collection with a 50% OFF sale!

Get the collection for $10.00 until Oct 5, 2011!

letting go


Some days, despite our best intentions and our best planning, things just don’t go well. Like last week. I was busy putting together my new Happy Halloween product shots when I had a big cake FAIL. I was really, really wanting to get everything together to show you this new collection, REALLY wanted to show you, but it was just not working for me. This happens. This happens everytime I try to rush through or force it.

So I let it go. I cleaned up the cake mess and I let it go. As often happens when I just let it go, the great idea pops into my head. The setup that will look right, the design that is better. It just happens when I let go, move on and engage in other activities.

So Friday, I let go, packed up and went to camp for the weekend. While away, enjoying a Halloween in September at camp, complete with haunted houses and trick-or-treating, it came to me. And today I tried again and boom, it worked! Just like that, it came together with little effort, as all great ideas do.

That’s what I was doing today, finally putting the product shots together for my new Happy Halloween collection. Coming tomorrow :)

a quick and easy garland


I set up my first photo booth this past Sunday for my daughter’s 9th birthday party. I spent last week crafting ribbon flowers and planning the cake and putting together speech bubbles and planning the backdrop of the photo booth. I knew there would be crepe paper streamers in hot pink, black and white, but I really wanted to see some zebra print in there. The main decor theme was hot pink and zebra after all.

After a week of crafting and other work, I really just wanted a quick and easy garland that I could hang in between the streamers to give the backdrop that pop of zebra. So out came the zebra print paper and my 2″ scallop craft punch. Can I say how much I love my craft punch? Seriously, everytime I pull this baby out I say to myself “Man I love this punch!” It makes my life that much easier. AND it can be used for sooooo many projects. But I digress.

So, I pulled out the zebra print paper, my beloved craft punch, some white thread and some tape. Tape? Blasphemous! Yes, tape. I wanted quick and easy so I opted for tape. Thanks to the tape, it took me no time at all to put together four garlands.

I simply punched out about 60 scallop circles, and then cut and laid out four lengths of thread. I slipped each circle, back-side facing up, under the thread and used a small piece of tape to secure the thread to the paper circle. Repeat, repeat, repeat until my garland strands were the length I needed for the backdrop. Super easy! Need a pictorial?

It really is just that easy. Thank you tape! Once you’ve made as many strands as you need, just hang where ever you need a touch of colour, or zebra.

Yes, that’s me. Having more fun that I can shake a pinwheel at :)

{NEW TO SHOP} zebra diy printable party


The Zebra DIY Printable Party is now in my Etsy shop! A simple collection, perfect for your 9 year old in love with make-up and nail polish or your teen who just wants something cool but not so childish.

All items are customizable, so they can say whatever your teen desires.

The entire collection is now in the shop, available separately so you can pick and choose what you want or need. And because we had so much fun with the speech bubbles, no seriously, see:

I have a whole series of shots of me holding one or two speech bubbles, but I dare not show the rest, instead you can grab the set of four speech bubbles for free on Scribd!

Get the Zebra DIY Printable Party on Etsy!

Get the speech bubbles for free on Scribd!


mini-makeover birthday party


My dearest daughter turns 9 this week. I’m not sure how she is turning 9 because I certainly don’t feel 9 years older, and well, it seems like just yesterday she was but a wee babe in my arms. But 9 she will be so yesterday we invited a few of her girlfriends over to celebrate with a mini makeover birthday party!

Last year she decided she wanted zebra and hot pink decor for her 9th birthday. This past August she decided a party all about make up and nail polish and dressing up was her theme of choice, so we invited her friends to Rowan’s Beauty Bar for mini make overs, mini treats and a mini photo shoot!

We set up a mini make-up station for each guest at the table with standing mirrors and make-up applicators.

A full eye shadow and blush make-up palette with giant blush brushes were set up at both ends of the table.

A selection of nail polish and lipstick were set up on both sides of the table.

A selection of my daughter’s favorite mini treats were displayed in zebra print favor boxes down the center of the table: pink popcorn, pretzels, strawberry and chocolate swirl marshmallows. And a few hot pink cupcakes for good measure.

The girls painted their nails and made up their faces while sipping pink champagne and snacking on sweet nibblies.

Once the girls were made up they enjoyed some time in our photo booth complete with necklaces, boa’s, coloured hair extensions, bracelets, zebra printed pinwheels from Shannon at Twirlie Whirlies and speech bubbles. That’s me having some fun!

During the photo fun the girls grabbed sticks of cotton candy before settling down for some cake!

I tried many new techniques and used many new products for my daughter’s birthday cake this year. In the end, it turned out just as I pictured in my head. The cake was also topped off by a toy zebra with a handmade pink flower on her ear.

I searched through the shelf of toy zebra’s for a she, and this one is definitely a she. I think I love her.

After a little more play and running around (they did consume a lot sugar after all), the girls made their way home with a pink bag full of make-up and their zebra flower headbands.

And a cupcake.

A sweet day for a sweet girl.

Later this week I’ll be posting a couple of quick and easy tutorials for the hanging circle garland (super quick and easy for moms who need it fast!) and for the ribbon flower headbands. The printables will be hitting my Etsy shop this week, if you love them and want them before they hit the shop just send me a message!

friday crafts


Happy Friday! I am in the midst of party planning prep for my daughter’s 9th birthday birthday coming up this weekend. It will be a weekend of crafting, baking and set up and I am excited to get to the baking and set up. I am eager to pop open my bucket of fondant. Apparently, it is supposed to smell and taste similar to cotton candy. Right there I was sold. Smell and taste like cotton candy?!?! My favorite candy ever! Sold! I am eager to crack the lid and breathe in that sweet aroma. That and well, I haven’t played with fondant since April and am super excited to get my fingers into that sticky sweetness.

This morning I finished the zebra flower headbands for the party which turned out beautifully. I did have a moment last night when I started the first flower when I thought they were not working out quite like I hoped. It looked all wonky in the beginning, but by the time I curled the center in on itself, it was just as I pictured in my head. I hope the girls like them!

Here’s a quick shot from my mobile:

Come back the tutorial coming next week!

This afternoon I am putting the last item together for my new Happy Halloween collection, soon to be in my Etsy shop! I am seriously in love with the ghost. Would you like to see her?

I don’t know what it is, but I adore her.

I feel like the luckiest girl, a weekend of crafting and baking and mini makeover birthday party, oh yeah! Wishing you a fun and crafty weekend too!

back to our regularly scheduled blogging


Art print by Made By Girl on Etsy

Oh my friends and family, how I have missed you this summer! I hope you all have enjoyed your summer and that the arrival of back to school season has been nice to you. We have had an incredible and incredibly busy summer, but oh how I have missed designing parties and sharing crafty goodness here with you. I mean seriously missed it! As bittersweet as this September is (and isn’t September always bittersweet?) I am so glad to get back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

My youngest has started Junior Kindergarten this year, so now my house is quiet. Everyday. Quiet. And empty. As much as I miss our spontaneous picnics in our treehouse and snuggles on the couch, I am happy to be able to get back to work! I may throw a solitary picnic here and there in memoriam, but I will be spending much of time designing and crafting for parties and celebrations. It almost feels like my life is starting anew, and in many ways it is, oh my. It is again, bittersweet and exciting all at the same time, as new beginnings and change always are.

I am right in the midst of preparing parties for sweet and crafty customers, crafting my daughter’s 9th birthday party which is coming up this weekend and designing new parties for the upcoming holidays. But I needed to send you a quick message to say how much I have missed and love you and hope to see you back this Fall for some much needed party inspiration and crafty goodness.

Happy September to you!