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Wishing you a wonderful and Happy New Year!



My family is off to the supermarket with a shopping list for tonight’s festivities. A small family affair. Lobster, fondue, many rounds of Just Dance 3 are on the menu. Maybe some tossing of confetti (that’s what’s in that bag in the photo) and a toast of champagne (virgin pink raspberry champagne for my girls, of course) and a banging on pots and pans to ring in the new year!

Then there is aways the quiet reflection of all the happened in this year of 2011 and setting of intentions for 2012. It shall be a glorious evening, both bittersweet and renewing, as I think the eve of the new year always is.

As you reflect on the year past and set your intention for the new year, may it be full of love and light and may you be surrounded by those you love and who love you.

See you in 2012! Woot!

Mad Love Glittered Walls


When I first saw this DIY for glittered floors, I immediately thought, “oooh, my laundry room covered in seafoam glitter! That might just make doing laundry dreamy!” And then. And then I found this series of photo’s by Aaron Ruell and my dreams of glitter crept onto the walls.

I dream of golden glittered walls in the late afternoon sun of a beautiful fall day.

Merry Christmas To You!


I will be enjoying time with my family this weekend. Moments filled with love and wonder, hot chocolate and shortbread, and the excited anticipation of Santa’s arrival. I simply can’t wait! Wishing you and yours a joyful and merry Yuletide season!

Crafty Goodness | Bottlebrush Tree Terrariums


One last Christmas craft at the dining table, just before Christmas weekend! A festive bottlebrush tree terrarium! Another simple craft the girls loved because they could put these together all by themselves.

I love these because they are simple, winter scenes which remind you of a forest of pine after fresh fallen snow. I can almost see us walking amongst the trees breathing in the scent of pine and leaving footprints in the snow.

Our house of craft is always full of crafty supplies and I recently picked up bags full of bottlebrush trees from the dollar store to bleach and dye. I have mad love for pretty coloured and glittered bottlebrush trees.

But we put a couple packs aside for terrariums. I just had to grab some glass jars and artificial snow, also from the dollar store, so the girls could create their wintry scenes.

The larger trees didn’t fit inside the jars, so we cut off the base right at the bottom of the tree for a perfect fit.

The girls used hot glue to attach their trees to the lid.

Sprinkled the lid with a handful of sparkly, artificial snow, and then carefully screwed the jar back onto the lid.

They currently reside on our dining room table so we can enjoy them at supper.

It has been such a crafty Yule in our house. I hope you have enjoyed this week of Christmas crafting as much as we have enjoyed the crafting!

Alas, I am not quite done! I do have one more stocking to finish. Are you trying to finish any last minute craft projects?

Crafty Goodness | Wooden Thread Spool Trees


This is the latest craft to hit our dining room table. Simple pipe cleaner trees set atop wooden thread spools. Simple and just a little bit primitive, just how I like my decor for Yule. They now live on our mantel with our super huge pinecones, just above our new hand knit stockings. Lovely.

Want to see how I made them?

I started out with some plain wooden thread spools. I found a lovely poem about Yule which I formatted to fit the spools perfectly. Then I just printed the pieces, cut and glued them to the spools using white glue.

To make the trees, I used two pipe cleaners and wrapped them around my finger, starting at the widest point of my finger…

…and ending at the narrowest part of my finger for a slightly angled tree.

Once the pipe cleaners were fully wound around my finger, I gently slipped them off and made a few adjustments to make sure they were molded into a nice tree shape.

Then I attached the pipe cleaner tree to the wooden spool using hot glue. I also added some red velvet ribbon around the top of the spool to cover the tree base and any stray glue.

I love how these turned out. I especially love that if you take the time to read the prose, you are treated to a lovely read about the joy of love, family, friends and the Yuletide season.

What poem or verse would you put on the spool?

Crafty Goodness | Accordian Fold Upright Trees


This dining room table of ours has seen a lot of crafting lately. This accordian fold upright tree is our latest creation. I intended to make a paper rosette tree, but my crafty little girl came up with this idea, and so we changed course and made an upright tree instead.

This one was a little trickier than a simple rosette tree, especially with thin wrapping paper and it does require a needle a thread, so one could say this a sewing craft.

All you need to make this accordian fold tree is a long strip of paper, or multiple pieces of patterned scrapbook paper which are then folded and glued together until you have a full circle.

Using a needle and thread, run the thread through all folds at the top of your tree, no more than 1″ below the top of the edge. Pull the thread through and arrange all the folds so you have a standing tree, then tie the thread in a knot and cut ends.

Hot glue your decoration of choice to the top of the tree (we used a red ball ornament), and you’re done!

Maybe this pictorial will help:

Let me know if you try your hand at making an upright accordian fold Christmas tree. I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Celebrating | Pillow Boxes on Trees


Celebrating the first present under on the tree! Ear rings for my daughters newly (in September) pierced ears. Packaged in a pillow box, tied with a bow and hanging on the tree!

It’s a good thing she doesn’t ready my blog :)

Crafty Goodness | 3D Paper Ornaments


One of my daughters’ favorite tree ornament crafts this year was this 3D paper ornament. After a quick demonstration they could make them without my help (they love it if they can do it without any help at all) and they got to use the craft punch. Hand them a craft punch and they’ll be occupied for at least an hour punching up a storm. Yes, we have lots of home made confetti.

These are simple and easy to make. All you need is some pretty scrapbook paper (I used the paper from my Candy Christmas DIY Printable Party), a circle or scallop circle craft punch, a bit of ribbon, some glue and the tutorial below.

Happy crafting!

Crafty Customers | Candy Christmas Tree


One of my seriously crafty customers, Marisela, sent me this photo last week to show me a paper Christmas tree she made using my Candy Christmas printable. Isn’t this incredible?!!

Her sweet daughter wanted a pink Christmas tree this year (now that’s a girl after my heart!) and when Marisela saw my new printable collection, she knew it would be a perfect fit! I was so excited to see this tree in my Inbox, hello crafty goodness! I love the notches  cut out of the tree for paper decorations and the cute star snowman at the top.

Thanks so much for sharing Marisela!

Want to craft your own Candy Christmas? You can get the Candy Christmas printable in my Etsy shop.

Crafty Goodness | Tin Tart Mold Ornaments


One of my absolute favorite handmade tree ornaments this year. Made from vintage tin tart molds. I love how they shine and reflect the lights on our tree. The fluted edges remind me of vintage ornaments from the 50s.

A Merry Handmade Yule it is indeed!

Are you making any of the ornaments for your tree this year? I’d love to see pictures!