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Do you give homemade foodie gifts for Christmas? I am a regular food gifter. Almost always homemade. Whenever gifting, I always try to include one non-edible item and one edible item. Something yummy, a little decadent. Something the receiver may not purchase for themselves or give themselves the time to make no matter how much they enjoy it. And over the years I have found that with every gift I give, it is always the edible portion that elicits the squeals of delight.

Every Christmas I make a batch of my grandmother’s shortbread for my dad. Before she passed away, my Grandma would make shortbread every Christmas. I miss her so very much and making her shortbread every year helps keep  her close. It is a tradition I am proud to uphold, and it makes my dad very happy to have his mom’s shortbread every Christmas. It’s nice to have a part of her with us every year.

For my honey, I make gingersnap cookies and snickerdoodles. They have always been my favorite cookies, and ever since I introduced them to him, they have been his favorite too.

For myself and my girls, I make my marshmallow squares. Heavenly, melt in your mouth goodness. You can never eat just one.

For friends, I make my pistchio fudge. Although it is not a traditional fudge, it is more of a candy fudge, it is delightfully smooth, full of raw pistachios and chocolately goodness. I always package my fudge in 5 3/4/” x8 1/4″ tin containers that I pick up at the dollar store. They are two for a $1.00, shiny silver and the perfect size for one batch of fudge. I always add a decorative paper cover to the box for gift giving to give it an extra, handmade and personal touch. This year I’m using the design from my Happy Holidays DIY Printable Party Collection for my treat boxes.

If you are a regular food gifter, you just might want to try out this pistachio fudge. It is quick to make and oh so delish! As an extra special touch, download my free treat box cover over on Scribd and attach it to the top of foil treat box and enjoy the squeals of delight when you gift this yummy treat to your friends and family.

Just print out the treat box cover and trim it to the size of your treat box. They are designed to fit the standard 5 3/4/” x8 1/4″ tin containers, but I centered the design so you have some room to trim if your foil box is a little smaller.

Once the cover is trimmed down to size, you can glue it to the foil box cover or just place it on top.

Once you fold down the edges of the foil container, the cover stays in place, so you don’t have to glue it if you’re in a hurry.

Then you’re ready to gift!

Pop on over to Scribd to grab your treat box cover! Oh and I included a 2 recipe cards for Pistachio Fudge. Keep one for yourself and give one to the friend receiving the fudge, they’ll thank you later.


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