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Freebies | You’re a Smartie Valentine!


We are still deciding on valentine’s in our house. My girls are not so sure about what they would like too hand out for Valentine’s Day, but they do know it should involve candy!

I’ve put together a few different ideas for them, and for you. And all of them involve candy.

My girls love Smarties TM.  Most of my American friends may be missing out on these little discs of candy coated chocolate as I don’t believe they are sold south of the border. I had a love affair with them when I was a girl, much like my girls do now. I would drop a handful into a glass of milk and stir, stir, stir until the candy coating dissolved into my milk, leaving me with pink milk and clean discs of chocolate. So our first valentine idea incorporated Smarties TM.

Yes mom, you’re a smartie for finding a way to add Smarties TM to our valentines!

So this one is for my Canadian friends whose children love Smarties TM! These valentines are easy to put together, but it may take you about an hour while you watch your favorite evening drama. Get an assembly line going, punch-thread-tie and you’ll be done in no time!

All you need is the You’re a SMARTIE Valentines (available free on Scribd), scissors (to cut out the valentines, not pictured), a hole punch, twine or string, a repositionable glue stick and a bag of the mini boxes of Smarties TM.

Place your box of Smarties on the card and punch two circles using your hole punch, one on either side of the box. If your hole punch can’t reach the bottom hole, simply press the tip of a pair of scissors into the paper to make a little cut, then push the tip of a pen or lollipop stick through the cut to make a clean hole.

Thread some twine or string through the holes.

Swipe a little glue onto the back of the Smarties TM box, then place it on the valentine between the two holes. The glue gives the box extra sticking power. We don’t want your kidlet to find all the boxes of Smarties TM have slipped off their valentines on the way to school. Heartbreak.

Tie a bow around the Smarties TM and your smart valentines are ready for school!

Ideally, have your children address and sign the valentines before you get your craft on, it is much easier that way.

You can get the You’re a SMARTIE Valentines here on Scribd (Sorry, this printable is no longer available.)

My girls haven’t decided if these will be their valentines this year, but I would love to hear from you if it’s going to be your child’s valentine!

How To Frost Cupcakes


(Left to Right) Large round tip, Open star (Wilton 1M), Closed star (Wilton 2D), French tip

When I first started decorating cakes and cupcakes, I would look at my collection of decorating tips and wonder what the frosting would look like if I used that tip, or that tip. And which star tip would make the loose ridges, not the tight ridges.

This decorating tip pictorial put together by Glory of Glorious Treats is indispensable. It will answer all those questions. You’ll want to bookmark it.

New To Shop | Sweet Love Valentine Collection


Are you ready for a LoveFest? I certainly am! After a month long house of sick, we are finally on the mend and ready to feel love. Will you BE MINE?

Yes, that means that I finally got together some Sweet Love for Valentine’s Day! And I’m so glad you’ve come back after all the quiet this month. Did you know that I’m a sucker for you?

I am so ready to focus on love and write out valentines.

And wrap up sweets for the girls and their classmates. Yes, using my new Valentine’s Day collection of course! You might want to use it as well. The Sweet Love Collection has everything you need to put together a selection of sweets for your valentines; a banner for showing your love, pretty papers for crafting, party circles for your cupcakes and other treats; pillow boxes for candy jewelery (or the real thing, ah-hem honey); mini chocolate bar wraps, valentines and lollipop covers.

I wanted to make it easy to put together your valentines, so the Treat Bag Tops are sized to fit standard sandwich baggies because I know we all have those in the house! And if you happen to have cello treat bags lying around, the Treat Bag Tops can be trimmed to fit. I was thinking about you.

It’s all about chocolate and lollipops in our house. I have a bag of heart shaped lollipops just burning with love and willingness to be wrapped up and given away. Perfect for my new lollipop covers! Did you know you can address them to someone you like/love on the back?

The Sweet Love Collection is now in my Etsy shop! 

Are you ready to share your sweet love?

Crafty Goodness | Origami Hearts


I need to work on my origami skills, but these hearts I found over at How About Orange just may tempt me to practice.

some hearts for you







I was going to collage some hearts, and then I found these over at A Creative Mint and fell into mad love.

May you feel mad love today too!

Happy New Year!


 The kidlets are back to school and I’m ready to rev up 2012. So I’m celebrating the New Year with a Facebook Fans sale! You’ll have to head to my Facebook page for the deets crafty friends!

Hello 2012


My kidlets are still home on winter break, so my work days are more crafty fun than work. In between games and crafts however, I am planning. Planning for 2012. New designs, new ideas, new fun! So I whipped up this simple calendar, with lots of daily note space to help me keep things straight.

I am juggling a few different things right now and I need all the helpers I can make! As I’m sure you are and do too! So I put this little calendar of mine up on Scrib’d for you, just in case you need something to help you keep track of it all.

I am looking forward to 2012 in this space, developing my voice + style, expanding my product line and designs in the shop, and sharing lots of crafty goodness with you. Thank you for all the love in 2011 (I really do appreciate and love your comments and support!) and hello 2012. It’s going to be a loverly year!

Grab your calendar on Scrib’d!

How To Frost A Cake


I love a rough frosting on a homemade cake. But sometimes I want that perfectly smooth facade to decorate. One of the best tutorials for frosting a cake, for that clean, smooth surface perfect for decorating is over at Whisk Kid. So I had to share.