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Celebrating | Colour


Does it look a little brighter around here? More changes coming, subtle, pretty, yeah. What do you think?

Mad Love | Grey, Yellow, Coral and Turquoise


Yes, I am absolutely in mad love over this new colour combination. I have a new design coming soon, lighter, brighter, more colour. I can’t believe I haven’t launched it since it’s been mostly ready since the beginning of March. But I can resist no longer. Look for it. Coming soon.

Pirate Party Cupcakes


I just found the cutest Neverland-Inspired Pirate Party on Hostess with the Mostess. What caught my eye about this party were these super cute pirate ship cupcakes.

When I designed the Mast Style Party Flags for my new Pirate Party DIY Printable Party last month, there were two ways I envisioned using the mast style flags. I really wanted to use them as masts for a fleet of paper boats, like this one:

And as cupcake flags to turn a tray of cupcakes into a fleet of pirate ships! I am totally wishing my nephews were young enough to still want a pirate party.

Are you planning a pirate party? Want to create a fleet of pirate ships using paper boats or cupcakes? Grab my set of Pirate Party Flags in my Etsy shop for quick and easy pirate ship building!

Celebrating, just because…


…it’s that kind of day.

Hope you are having a fantabulous day too!

The drape of a garland


In Sweet Paul’s brilliant magazine, there is a sweet garland made of paper straws. As sweet as it is, it is not so much the paper straws that I love, as it is the drape of the garland that has caught my eye. The styling of this shot, I simply love it.

Happy Easter!


It is a weekend of miracles! For my Christian friends, “Jesus is risen!” For my Muslim Friends, “The Beloved Prophet Isa (pbuh) has been lifted!” For my Pagan friends, may your spring be fertile and blessed with new beginnings. However you celebrate, may your day be full of love and light!

Easter Peeps cupcakes


Easter is tomorrow and if you’re still looking for a quick table centerpiece for your Easter dinner, I have another edible centerpiece that is quick and easy to put together.  Baby chick cupcakes!

All you need are some cupcakes, Easter Peeps, edible nest and some chocolate eggs.

Make as many Easter chick cupcakes as you need for your guests, then find suitable trays or platters for serving. I used these white platters I found at a local dollar store, filled them with bright coloured gum balls and placed my cupcakes on top for a colourful table display.

Add some flower sugar cookies and you have a pretty (edible!) flower garden for your nesting baby chicks. Pretty, simple and edible, perfect for an Easter centerpiece!

Are you ready for Easter?

A simple Easter centerpiece


With Easter only days away, the time for crafting is quickly coming to an end. Still stuck for a table centerpiece for your Easter brunch or dinner? Incorporate some of your Easter treats for a quick, easy and edible table centerpiece!

You can easily make a chocolate bunny table runner for your brunch by setting up your chocolate bunny and leaving a trail of chocolate eggs, gum balls, cookies and other sweet treats behind him down the entire length of the table.

Add pops of colour by placing strawberry and vanilla wafer cookies (easily found at most grocery stores) on a cake stand on either side of the bunny treat trail.

Add an Easter- themed cupcake at each place setting for guest to munch on after the meal.

If your table will be brimming with food, leaving no room for a centerpiece or runner, you could leave a chocolate bunny surrounded by sweets at each place setting to greet your guests as they sit down. It will also give them something small to snack on while the meal is being served. Who doesn’t love a little chocolate egg with brunch at Easter?

Keep the original boxes stashed somewhere to box up the treats for your guests to bring home, or use some paper treat bags in pretty Easter pastels and a little Easter grass.

An edible runner is a great way to incorporate the Easter treats you have put together for your guests while decorating your table for your family meal. It also means less clean up and storage of holiday items.

How are you decorating your family table this weekend?

Egg Heads


This makes me want to run out for egg cups.

From the fantastic Sweet Paul Magazine. Gotta love sweet Paul.

New To Shop | Easter in Stitches


Any cross stitch lovers out there? I have been a lover of cross stitch ever since grade 4 when I convinced my aunt to take me for a weekend and teach me the home art of cross stitch. i still remember my first cross stitch: a little heart sampler with the words “I love Mom”. I’ve been a regular stitcher ever since.

So for this Easter, with the art of cross stitch on my mind and the desire to create a simple, homemade celebration, I brought my love of cross stitch to my love of parties and created this sweet little Easter Cross Stitch Collection.

Only three items, available separately in my Etsy shop. Keeping the holiday simple and homemade.

The Easter Cross Stitch Tent Cards create a lovely place setting, but they would make sweet favor tags/thank you cards when attached to Easter treats! Don’t you think?

The Easter Cross Stitch Party Circles for decorating cupcakes and bars, or perfect favor tags when attached to little bundles of sweets for the kidlets that may be celebrating with you this weekend.

And the Easter Cross Stitch Bottle Wrappers for decorating your bottled beverages, also perfect for bundling up your napkins and cutlery.

Sweet with touches of homemade, just how this mama likes it!

How are you decorating for Easter this year?