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{party trends} buttons


I have long been a collector of buttons. I have moved my 10 lbs of buttons from home, to university, to home, to apartment after apartment, well my entire life. There is nothing like the feel of running your hand through a bin of buttons, mmm, or having the ability to always find just the right button when you need it.

The world of parties is embracing buttons, not the plastic kind, buttons made of sugar. Oh yes! This is a party trend that is still quiet compared to some, but it is steady and strong. I can never decide if I want to throw a Sew Crafty party or a Coraline bash! Really, I think at some point I’ll have to do both because there are just too many ways one can incorporate edible buttons into a party!

If you’re looking for some sweet buttons for your upcoming party, here are a few super sweet ideas.

I love these sugar buttons. So delicate, so pastel, so iridescent, so beautiful!

Oh yes, these are sugar.

Amazing aren’t they? These sugar creations are handcrafted by Andie’s Specialty Sweets on Etsy. Absolutely stunning little works of art, and they ship to Canada!

What can you do with sugar buttons? Decorate cupcakes like these by Natalie Bode which I found on Pinterest via her Flickr pool.

Or bake your favorite towering cake and decorate it with sugar buttons like this one from Cobblestone Rue. Stunning! The buttons on this cake are made of fondant, but if you don’t want to play with fondant (playing with fondant is so much fun, you should try it!), using sugar buttons is the perfect alternative.

A simple way to include the button motif into your party is by making cookies. I love cookies, they are one of my favorite sweets and button cookies, oh so easy. Don’t believe me? Bakerella has a tutorial on her site that shows just how easy it is! Look at these! So easy to make.

You can also make some buttons using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and tint them ever so slightly with lovely pastel colours like these ones I found over at Cutest Food. Love the way they are packaged, so pretty!

If you’d like to send guests home with an edible favor, then you’ll love this vintage button card idea I found over at Sugar and Meringue! I just LOVE this! And they have a free printable for you!

I am loving the button party trend! What about you? Does this party trend inspire you? Sew crafty or Coraline?

{loving} ribbon backdrops


I bookmarked this wedding I found on Jay’s Catering last summer. It was my first introduction to the wonderfully talented Blair Britt of Blair Britt Events. Tis wedding in particular, I love. There isn’t a single thing I don’t love about this wedding. Beautiful vintage styling, the lace, the ribbon. Today I am in need of a little smile and this ribbon backdrop always makes me smile. So I thought I would share. Hope it makes you smile too!

(loving) save the date handkerchief


I have collected vintage handkerchiefs since I was in high school. LOVE them! Sweet, beautiful floral patterns, so many crafty things to be done with the perfect handkerchief- cafe-style curtains, party banners, quilts. Turning them into a Save-the-Date is one of them. Oh my goodness look at this sweetness below. Perfect for a vintage wedding or tea party. I’m already married, so I may just have to have a tea party. So sweet, so loverly. Thank you Rachel of Benign Objects for this beautiful idea.

Oh yes, there is an Etsy shop. Full of beautiful stationary!

Yet another reason to get a YUDU.

{loving} meringue polka dot cake


Lately I am loving the simplicity of a simply iced, tower of cake. So versatile, so easy for anyone to bake (even those that claim they can’t bake), and ultimately beautiful in their simplicity. Pastel meringue kisses on a simple chocolate iced cake, how lovely.

Head to Ladies Home Journal for the recipe.

{loving} sugar flowers


I just logged into Etsy to start adding my new Valentine printable to my shop and a quick glance at the new listings lead me to these:

25 Sugar Hydrangea Singles - Any Color

50 Sugar Hydrangea Singles- Any color

Oh good heavens I’m dying over here looking at these PeeGee green/pink hydrangea sugar flowers! Yes, these are sugar! Can you believe it?!?! You could eat these beauties! I wonder what a hydrandgea flower tastes like?

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I’ve always dreamed of throwing or styling a party themed around these delicate flowers so I could decorate cupcakes with tiny little hydrangea flowers or decorate a cake with a light fluttering of petals. Oh be still my heart these hydrangeas are so lovely! So I started looking around and found my other favorite, the gorgeous blooming peony.

Sugar Peony Any Color

Yes, again these are sugar. I am imagining a tiered cake with these pink kissed peonies dancing all over a light pink buttercream. 

Really, when I say favorite I really mean favorite! My garden is overflowing with hydrangeas and peonies and that’s about it. Of course there are a few hosta’s thrown in for good leafy measure, but my love really lies with the hydrangeas and peonies, and now with these sugar representations, oh my!

Seriously, I keep scrolling up to gaze at these lovelies! Who made these beauties you ask? Why I found these at Sweet Petal Bakery on Etsy. Anna of Sweet Petal Bakery has received quite a bit of press for her beautifully crafted (and affordable!!!) gum paste/ fondant flowers. So I ask myself, how in the world did I miss these?!?! I’m not sure, but just in case you missed them too, here’s a shout out for you to check out her shop! There are many more stunning flowers in her shop for you to swoon over, singles and bunches and branches. And don’t forget the cute cupcake toppers. Who doesn’t love a pinwheel? 

12 Edible Wafer and Fondant Pinwheels

I love to bake my own cakes for our celebrations, and while I am getting better and have created my first fondant covered cake, I will never craft my own sugar flowers. I know my limits. There are some things I can make or try to make, but the others I purchase from those who can really do it! The next time I have a cake or cupcakes in need of flowering, I know where I’m going. Seriously, those hydrangeas!

i love gumballs


Why is it that staring at bags and bags of gumballs makes me smile?

I would dream of candy stores as a child, not unlike Willy Wonka, where jars and jars of brightly colored gumballs would be on display for me to stare at and chew. Rainbow mixes would not do! Whenever I would get gumballs as a kid I would separate them into piles of a single color, ok well, I still do that, but they look so pretty that way! It’s no wonder my girls keep asking for the bubblegum, you see, we are a bunch of gumball loving girls in this house!

I just used these gumballs for a product shoot. 


Now what to do with them all? Well, I do have one project up my sleeve for my daughter’s 4th birthday party, but I need to pick up some supplies and make a few before I can share. But I won’t leave you hanging! I did find a super fantatsic craft for gumballs that I am really excited to share with you via One Charming Party. Gumball necklaces!!

Oh my gumball goodness, are these not the cutest?! My daughters and I have made felted beads and strung them into bracelets and necklaces (lots of good, wet fun that is!), but this is so seriously edibly good, I can’t stand it! I want a gumball necklace! Cuter and sweeter than candy necklaces, and oh so wearable!

Want to make one or ten of your own? You simply must go check out One Charming Party and follow their tutorial. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, yes! Perfect for any day! I need more gumballs so I can coordinate my gumballs with my shoes.

{loving} twirlie whirlies


Can I just say how much I am loving Twitter for introducing me to some fabulous party crafters? Another Canadian Twitterer I just blogged about last week tweeted to a crafter of beautiful twirlie whirlies, aka pinwheels. Again, another Canadian, woot! So I HAD to check out her Etsy shop. Swoon! I am a grown girl who still loves pinwheels, loved them as a little girl and love them as a grown girl, er woman. And these twirlie whirlies are made of such pretty papers and in some sweet and fancy designs. I mean look at these:

 Isabelle 8-Petal Pinwheels - Set of 12 Small

Hello pretty!

And then I spotted these:

Hot Mama Zebra - Set of 12 Mini Twirlable Pinwheels

Oh yes,  zebra pinwheels! Perfect for my daughter’s birthday in September! Yes, it’s going to be a black and fuschia zebra printed affair, oh yes! Won’t these be perfect? I thought so too which is why I bought them pronto!

You simply must go take a look at Shannon’s Etsy shop, Twirlie Whirlies for some more girlie goodness! 

Now I have to go take a look at those cupfakes, like the one use in the zebra twirlie whirlie pic above. See how one introduction leads to another? Love this!

{loving} meringue hearts


In the spirit of Valnetine’s Day today! I have been busy working on a Valentine’s Day printable, so today’s love is heart inspired.

How sweet are these meringues? I am truly in love with meringue. They are dreamy, fluffy, girly goodness on a plate. My favorites tend to be the drops of cloudlike kisses and dot layer cakes sandwiched together with bright layers of swiss meringue buttercream. But today these fanciful hearts, care of Woman’s Day circa 2008, have stolen mine. They are raspberry meringues after all, my favorite.

I dream of layering these with chocolate meringue and raspberry whipped cream. Oh sweet Valentine, will you be mine?

{loving} poured fondant


I am generally not a huge fan of the taste of fondant. I LOVE the look of fondant, but not so fond of the flavour. I am that girl who peels the fondant off and then eats the cake. Which I don’t mind doing because the look of fondant is so very, very pleasing. I love the fondant cupcake and cookie tops for their smooth, fresh colors and designs (and their peel-ability). And then I was introduced to the idea of smooth, poured fondant on cupcakes!

I have always loved the look of petite fours, those smooth, candy-coloured squares of girlie goodness. Now I can recreate that look on cupcakes? Oh yes, thanks to this tutorial over at Cake Journal. Again, it was a tweet from Sweetapolita which introduced me to Cake Journal (thanks Rosie!) and this oh so loverly idea of covering cupcakes in poured fondant. Again, my wall of intention of grows, and I think I may end up growing with it!

Now I must go back to Cake Journal, there is a world of sweet to discover over there!

{loving} rosie’s pinkalicious cherry cupcakes


Need I say more? How could I not love these, they are  irresistible!

Rosie of Sweetapolita (a Canadian!!) is the creator of these pinkalicious confections which she shared on Frosting for the Cause. I’m thinking my soon-to-be four year old would love these on her birthday.

If you haven’t been to Sweetapolita or Frosting for the Cause, you’ll want to go now! Rosie makes the most amazingly beautiful cakes and confections, and she’s Canadian! As in Ontario, for all my local SWO-ians!!! How amazingly sweet is that?

You’ll also want to bookmark Frosting for the Cause. It is a round-up of 365 sugar cookie and cupcake bakers/decorators and bloggers from across Canada and the United States who will take turns posting an inspired recipe all in the support of cancer. All year long. I know I’ll be checking in daily!