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This week is slipping by, but I am finally getting around to telling you about the Buddy Valastro - The Cake Boss show at the Center in the Square which my daughter and I had the pleasuring of going to on Saturday afternoon. What a great time we had! The theatre was packed with families, moms with their kids, and couples. It was amazing to see how  many people, young and old, love The Cake Boss! It was a full house, for both shows!

We grabbed drinks, found our seats and settled in for the show. The stage was setup with a screen of Buddy’s live Twitter feed. My daughter, ever so curious asked what it was and asked if it was live, then continued to watch it, commenting on how many times the same person posted. As a surprise, I pulled out my phone and tweeted about being at the show with my daughter and waited for it to appear. About a minute later, there it was!

We were chatting when it first popped up, but once she saw it her eyes widened with a bashful smile ”Mom, that’s you! So that’s what you were doing on your phone!” Not that you can read it, but I’m the third tweet down. No flash = fuzzy pics, but I can almost make it out.

Watching Buddy, who is sooo Jersey, was so very entertaining and fun. The show was a mix of audience participation, demonstrations of cake decorating techniques, stories and Q&A. We were both amazed at how quickly he could bag out flowered cupcakes and buttercream roses. I think we are both eager to get our hands on some modelling chocolate to make roses.

Watching him and listening to his stories of baking and family reminds me, in many ways, of my own crazy and fun family. Both of my girls regularly jump in to help bake cakes, roll cake balls and decorate sugar cookies. I always make sure I have extra on hand so I can set up a decorating station across from me at the table, just for them.  It always generates smiles and laughter at our kitchen table, and many happy memories. My eldest daughter always watches as I pipe, so she can learn how to do it herself. Which is why I wouldn’t want to have shared this experience with anyone but her. Sitting there with her, talking, watching,  laughing and learning together, encouraging eachother to jump up to be picked to go on stage, was just such a joy.

We brought our copy of his book for him to sign, so I asked the staff if Buddy would be signing autographs after the show. He was doing back-to-back shows, so it just didn’t seem like there would be a lot of time for that kind of thing, and I was right (or so I thought). They explained there were to be no autographs after the afternoon show, only after the evening show, but we were welcome to come back. I think there must have been a few people that asked the same question before the show started. During the Q&A an audience member asked for his autograph. Buddy mentioned the time constraint with remorse and a final, we’ll have to see how it works out.  

Once the show was over, we hit the foyer waiting to see if Buddy would come out to do autographs. We waited around for about 10 minutes and didn’t hear of anything, so we left. He only had 45 minutes before the next show started and needed to eat something, I thought. My girl and I headed home with the promise that I would come back after the second show to get his autograph in our book.

Which I did. I went back to the theatre at 9 and was let in early to get in line for the aftershow book signing. During the wait I discovered that Buddy did come out after the previous show and signed autographs until 7:30 pm!!!! The 7pm show didn’t start until he made his way through the long line up of matinee audience members waiting for their chance to say hi, which meant the 7pm show didn’t start until 7:30pm. I felt bad for Buddy, did he even get a chance to grab a bite before going back on stage?

Once the evening show ended, I was perfectly placed at the front of the line to watch the masses run out of the theatre and race to get in line behind me for the book signing. It was like watching a Black Friday rush, or what I imagine a Black Friday rush to be, or maybe the Beatles. A mass of fans all cheering with contorted smiles and wide eyes trying to get in line before the other 500 running fans. What went through my mind was:

Once Buddy was ready, that line up moved fast! They had a team of staff handling the books or papers for signing and a person ready to take your camera for picture-taking. It was a little disorienting at times, especially for the younger ones. Everyone moved so fast, my book got mixed up with a little girl’s paper and pictures were taken out of turn, luckily I reoriented the little girl ahead of me, managed to get my book and camera back and had a very quick moment to say my daughter and I enjoyed the show. I did get a great pic thanks to the theatre staffer who took my camera.

Again, Buddy was so generous with his time. He wasn’t leaving until he got through the line, and it was a long, long line. Truly generous with his fans and much appreciated by all I’m sure. The only thing I didn’t get to do is show him the cake he inspired. I think I’ll have to Twitter him.

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I am so excited I could just scream! Well, actually I did scream! So did my daughter when I told her, we both screamed! Why? Because I just found out that I won two tickets to see Buddy Valastro – The Cake Boss at the Centre in the Square.

Picture via TLC.

My daughter and I have been avid Cake Boss fans since the show first hit TLC. When I found out he was coming to our town, I told my daughter and her first words were” WE HAVE TO GO!!” We both love watching the bake team at Carlo’s Bake Shop design and create cakes. We have both learned so much about putting together cakes, decorating techniques and tricks; it has become a mother-daughter ritual for us. We both love Buddy’s passion and his love for his family, so very similiar to our family.

I heard our local news radio station was hosting a contest to win tickets to the show. They have a very interactive system common to many radio programs. You participate in the station’s activities to earn points, and you can use those points to enter contests. Well I used all my points to enter the contest. I entered 24 times. I was determined to have my name in there as many times as possible. Even if it didn’t work out, we were going anyway. We were not going to miss a chance to see the Cake Boss on stage! I was just talking about this with my family over the weekend and put it on my calendar to purchase tickets on Wednesday. What timing!

As if we weren’t excited enough for Saturday! My niece is turning 4. So we’ll hit her birthday party and sneak out a little early to hit the Buddy Valastro – The Cake Boss show. Can I scream again? So excited!!!! Will let you know all about it!