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I am so excited I could just scream! Well, actually I did scream! So did my daughter when I told her, we both screamed! Why? Because I just found out that I won two tickets to see Buddy Valastro – The Cake Boss at the Centre in the Square.

Picture via TLC.

My daughter and I have been avid Cake Boss fans since the show first hit TLC. When I found out he was coming to our town, I told my daughter and her first words were” WE HAVE TO GO!!” We both love watching the bake team at Carlo’s Bake Shop design and create cakes. We have both learned so much about putting together cakes, decorating techniques and tricks; it has become a mother-daughter ritual for us. We both love Buddy’s passion and his love for his family, so very similiar to our family.

I heard our local news radio station was hosting a contest to win tickets to the show. They have a very interactive system common to many radio programs. You participate in the station’s activities to earn points, and you can use those points to enter contests. Well I used all my points to enter the contest. I entered 24 times. I was determined to have my name in there as many times as possible. Even if it didn’t work out, we were going anyway. We were not going to miss a chance to see the Cake Boss on stage! I was just talking about this with my family over the weekend and put it on my calendar to purchase tickets on Wednesday. What timing!

As if we weren’t excited enough for Saturday! My niece is turning 4. So we’ll hit her birthday party and sneak out a little early to hit the Buddy Valastro – The Cake Boss show. Can I scream again? So excited!!!! Will let you know all about it!