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A simple Easter centerpiece


With Easter only days away, the time for crafting is quickly coming to an end. Still stuck for a table centerpiece for your Easter brunch or dinner? Incorporate some of your Easter treats for a quick, easy and edible table centerpiece!

You can easily make a chocolate bunny table runner for your brunch by setting up your chocolate bunny and leaving a trail of chocolate eggs, gum balls, cookies and other sweet treats behind him down the entire length of the table.

Add pops of colour by placing strawberry and vanilla wafer cookies (easily found at most grocery stores) on a cake stand on either side of the bunny treat trail.

Add an Easter- themed cupcake at each place setting for guest to munch on after the meal.

If your table will be brimming with food, leaving no room for a centerpiece or runner, you could leave a chocolate bunny surrounded by sweets at each place setting to greet your guests as they sit down. It will also give them something small to snack on while the meal is being served. Who doesn’t love a little chocolate egg with brunch at Easter?

Keep the original boxes stashed somewhere to box up the treats for your guests to bring home, or use some paper treat bags in pretty Easter pastels and a little Easter grass.

An edible runner is a great way to incorporate the Easter treats you have put together for your guests while decorating your table for your family meal. It also means less clean up and storage of holiday items.

How are you decorating your family table this weekend?