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{loving} custom colored sprinkles


I do think this may be a week of show and tell. I have found so many tutorials over the weekend showing me how to make some loverly sweets, and I am compelled to tell you about them!

I discovered this tutorial last fall while I was working on a dessert table in lovely pastel colors. I should have posted about it then, but again today it caught my eye in my Favorites folder and I didn’t want to let it get away this time. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up!

Colored sprinkles_11

How pretty is this picture? I mean really, romantic pastel sprinkles, hello loving these! This is the reason I need petal dust.

Jessica at Such Pretty Things (and these are such pretty things) posted this tutorial last January showing how to make custom colored sprinkles. Oh upcoming petite fours, I think you need a little sprinkle of these.