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canada day crafts: party favors


What is everyone’s favorite Christmastime treat? Christmas crackers of course! A small tube of fun, filled with candy and toys. Well, I never could understand why they were only available at Christmastime. It still doesn’t make sense to me which is why these tubes o’ joy pop up around these parts more than once a year! I like to offer the kidlets a homemade party favor filled with sweets and treats and these are especially fun to make! Especially if you are putting some Pop Rocks in them, mmmm, crackle, crackle, pop!

Can you guess the everyday, in the bathroom item you need for these party favors?

Oh yes, the toilet paper roll! Don’t you always have a  ton of them lying around for craft projects? Please tell me it’s not just me?

All you need to make thess party favors are toilet paper rolls, red napkins, ribbon, tape, and a selection of candies and/or small toys.

Stuff the larger candies or lollipops into the toilet paper roll, then wrap the roll in a red napkin and secure with tape. I always tape the napkin to the toilet paper roll efore I start rolling to help keep it in place. Trying to roll a sliding napkin, not so much fun, and these are meant to be fun!

Tie one end with ribbon. Make a nice bow, or if you are using the curling ribbon, curl it up nice!

Place any remaining candies or gum balls in the open end and tie closed with another nice bow.

Decorate (I used the party circles from my Canada Day printable) and leave out for the kidlets, or adults, to enjoy!

Yes, those are little girl hands. They had to help, I don’t blame them one bit, fun craft AND candy!

If you’re stuffing these with Pop Rocks and gum balls, feel free to invite me to your Canada Day celebration. No really, I’ll come! Crackle, crackle, pop!

canada day crafts: firework cupcake toppers


Am I getting you in a crafty mood yet? I think this next Canada Day craft is sure to light your fire!

Anyone serving up some two-bite brownies or cupcakes tomorrow? I ate all the two-bite brownies last night, soI need to run off and grab some more for tomorrow, they are a holiday favorite around here. We like to light them up for Canada Day, make them sparkle with live sparklers, but we also like to dress them up with some kid-safe firework cupcake toppers!

All you need (besides the brownies of course) to make these firework cupcake toppers are lollipop sticks (you could also use long toothpicks), tape and tissue or crepe paper or paper napkins. I’m using red napkins.

First you want to open your napkin to make a large rectangle, cut along the folded edge, and put one piece aside. Fold the other piece with long sides together to create a long thin rectangle amd cut along the folded edge again, place one piece aside. With the remaining piece of napkin, cut along one edge to create fringe, leaving a .5 cm edge uncut. Fringe scissors would be very helpful at this stage.

Attach one end of the fringe to a lollipop stick with a bit of tape.

Start rolling! Roll the fringe around the lollipop stick and secure the end to the lollipop stick with tape until it is quite secure.

Fluff your firework and place in a brownie!

I think these firework toppers work perfectly with the party circles and flags in my Canada Day DIY Printable Party Holiday Collection. But if you want to stick with fireworks,  you can make them in a variety of different colours for a full firework display! They do look quite magical in sparkly paper.

what can you do with our free easter egg printable?


With Easter less than a week away, the world is a flurry of shopping and preparing Easter crafts. But Easter celebrations needn’t be elaborate if you don’t have the time (our family will be away enjoying a family luncheon, so we are keeping it simple this year). This week will be full of simple paper crafts you can craft for Easter using the free Easter Egg printable up on Scribd!

The free Easter Egg printable is designed to make it easy for you to create bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers, lollipop covers and egg wraps for your Easter table. Yes, all in one printable! It’s all in how you cut it.

Let’s start with the simplest (and most obvious), the bottle wrappers.

All you need to create bottle wrappers is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, tape and a bottle of water, or a bottle of bubbles!

Simply cut out a strip of eggs,

 tape to the bottle,


and voila, a simple and colorful bottle wrapper!

The cupcake toppers are just as easy! One sheet of the free Easter Egg printable creates 10 Easter Egg cupcake toppers. All you need to create cupcake toppers is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, tape, lollipop sticks and some cupcakes, or cake pops or mini donuts, or your favorite sweet treat.

Cut out each Easter Egg. Attach to lollipop sticks using a bit of tape.

Stick into a cupcake!

Two simple, and the most obvious, crafts you can create with the free Easter Egg printable on Scrib’d. But seriously, wouldn’t a tray of cupcakes with Easter egg cupcake toppers be terribly cute? 

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to use the free Easter Egg printable to create quick and easy egg wraps!

easter egg cutouts on scribd!


Yesterday, was the launch of the new Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party! The entire DIY Printable Party collection is up in my Etsy shop. Have you gone over to see it yet? It is super fantastic :) As I promised yesterday, there is a set of solid coloured Easter Egg  Cut Outs now available for FREE on Scribd!

These easter eggs are simple, sweet and they fully coordinate with the  Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party available in my shop!  Now what can you do with these? Sooo many things, but I’m not going to leave you hanging! Hop on back next week when we’ll start in on the Easter crafts you can do with our printable set!

Gotta hopppity hop hop off to the kitchen, I’ve got party treats to bake!

{loving} bubblegum blossoms


Just a quick post because we’ve had too much fun today not to share! One of those getting our craft on kinds of days! I finally managed to get the supplies I needed to help me whittle down my collection of gumballs. Remember all those gumballs? Well, I can finally share that little project I mentioned now that I have made a few or six.

Bubblegum blossoms! How cute are they?

There was a crowd of three girls standing around me, each holding a stick waiting patiently (PATIENTLY, can you believe it!) for me to make them their very own little bubblegum blossom. Then three smiling little girls who ran away to play with their flowers for the rest of the afternoon.

I am in love with these bubblegum blossoms! Don’t they look sweet bundled up in a vase? I was thinking of making a garden of these for my daughter’s upcoming birthday and after today, I don’t think I have a choice!

Seriously, between necklaces, bracelets and flowers, I think I need more gumballs.

a day of fun and crafting


It’s been a great day around these parts! An early morning craft and gab session with some of my favorite girlfriends and an afternoon of crafting and paper cutting with my favorite daughters. I love how my girls tend to stick around the studio when I’m busy preparing a printable set for launch or testing out a table design for an upcoming client party. They like to get in and help, let me know what they think looks good, and sometimes just watch and stare at all the pretties that are lying around. I get excited by what I do and I love watching them get excited about what I do! I love watching them watch the process with eager eyes and open hearts. It’s something I love to share with them and I really, really LOVE having them see their mama happy and productive. It also inspires them to get crafty and how could I not love that!

Such a good, fun day. Want a sneak peek at what’s coming your way, and to my Etsy shop later this week?

Bright colors and lots o love! Off try and sneak a little bit of knitting in before bed. Tomorrow is going to be another busy, busy day!

{loving} twirlie whirlies


Can I just say how much I am loving Twitter for introducing me to some fabulous party crafters? Another Canadian Twitterer I just blogged about last week tweeted to a crafter of beautiful twirlie whirlies, aka pinwheels. Again, another Canadian, woot! So I HAD to check out her Etsy shop. Swoon! I am a grown girl who still loves pinwheels, loved them as a little girl and love them as a grown girl, er woman. And these twirlie whirlies are made of such pretty papers and in some sweet and fancy designs. I mean look at these:

 Isabelle 8-Petal Pinwheels - Set of 12 Small

Hello pretty!

And then I spotted these:

Hot Mama Zebra - Set of 12 Mini Twirlable Pinwheels

Oh yes,  zebra pinwheels! Perfect for my daughter’s birthday in September! Yes, it’s going to be a black and fuschia zebra printed affair, oh yes! Won’t these be perfect? I thought so too which is why I bought them pronto!

You simply must go take a look at Shannon’s Etsy shop, Twirlie Whirlies for some more girlie goodness! 

Now I have to go take a look at those cupfakes, like the one use in the zebra twirlie whirlie pic above. See how one introduction leads to another? Love this!

{loving} hanging flowers


I have been in love with this installation ever since I discovered it last summer on Eat Drink Chic.


I have been collecting little vintage glass bottles ever since, just for the day I can create a skyscape like this.

Likewise, I found this pic last summer as well.  Designed by Hatch Creative Studio at The Nest Event Loft and photos by Jenny Ebert

Vintage bottles hanging vases wall

Needless to say, the next time my husband trimmed the pear tree, I stole a branch.

Today I found a few other lovelies. Oh the yearning for springtime flowers.

This lovely is from BCOME. I just love the simplicity of one for an unexpected corner in my studio.

I admit, I do love the white and rutic country look like in this pic found on the Wedding Bee boards.

And a lovely reminder that it doesn’t have to be flowers from a beautiful wedding found on Snippet and Ink.

and another beautiful wedding on Style Me Pretty.

What a beautiful way to start the day!

diy cake stands


In all my research for the diy tiered stands, I found a few (just a few) cake stand tutorials that were oh so loverly and must be shared. 

Kate’s recycled cakestands on Design*Sponge

DIY Vintage Cake Stands on The Go Green Blog
DIY Vintage Cake Stands

DIY cake stand tutorial on Eat Drink Pretty

OMG, I am LOVING the yellow!

How to make a Homemade Cake Stand on Wandering Chopsticks
How to Make a Homemade Cake Stand 12

Love this crystal!

See, oh so loverly!

diy tiered stands


This past Tuesday eve I was out for a coffee date with some of my crafty girlfriends. One of them is recently engaged, so of course there was a lot of conversation about her upcoming wedding. We looked at dresses on our phones, brainstormed color choices, contemplated overall wedding style. You know, an evening of grand fun and inspiring wedding talk! Her plan is to have a 50′s inspired tea party with dainty desserts. She mentioned she would like to forgo flowers for centerpieces, instead using 2 or 3-tier stands to display a selection of petite fours. This of course sent me off asking about using vintage or new, round or square, plain or fancy. You can find lovely vintage tiered stands in thrift shops that would work perfectly for a 50′s inspired tea party, but there are also some lovely new choices.

There is always the chance that you won’t find what you want readymade. But, if you find plates that you love, you can make them yourself! I found some lovely inspiration and tutorials on how to make 2-tier stands that I must show her and you of course!

Skip to my Lou

Cindy over at Skip to my Lou posted a tutorial on how to make this cupcake stand earlier this week. Love those plates!

She led me to the Giver’s Log, where she found her inspiration.

Giver’s Log

AmberLee posted a tutorial on how to make an interchangeable tiered stand earlier this year. All I can say is look at that flower hardware! Soooooo pretty!

Wandering Chopsticks

Wandering Chopsticks has a lovely tutorial on How to Make a Homemade Tiered Cupcake Stand that doesn’t require any motorized tools.

How to Make a Tiered Cupcake Stand 7

B, time to get our craft on!