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{Real Parties} Green and Grey Bridal Shower


On Sunday I had the pleasure of putting together a dessert table at a bridal shower for a lovely bride. A relaxed bride, not too frilly, not too girly, so the plan was to go with a simple graphic design and a calm color palette: green and white, with accents of grey and black. The theme: ‘He picked her. She picked him’.

The menu included dark chocolate cupcakes, lemon meringue cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate mint meringues, cream puffs, white chocolate dipped and sugared cream wafers, chocolate fudge cake pops, customized sugar cookies, white chocolate globe truffles and mini chocolate bars. The cupcakes were made by my friend Krista of  The Grand Bakery. When I need cupcakes, I only go to The Grand Bakery, the best cupcakes in the region! Cream puffs, meringues, truffles and cream wafers were sourced from local bakeries, then dipped and sugared by yours truly. Cake pops and cookies were also made by yours truly. It was hard to get pictures with shower guests taking it all in and and slowly making their selections.


I designed the paper elements including paper liners for plates, chocolate bar wrappers, dessert labels and signs in a mix of green and grey.

It was great fun preparing and setting up this table for this lovely bride! Thanks to all those who helped me prepare the table, it is much appreciated!


pink and white dessert table


It’s been a whirlwind around here, but I am finally posting the pictures of the pink and white dessert table I put together last weekend. This was a luscious table to put together, full of fluffy goodness!

This was such a pretty table. Everything was a fluffy pink and sparkly.

Cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, oh my!
The pink cake pops matched the pink damask papers perfectly!

Pink popcorn!
Pink popcorn in matching pink damask cones. Pink popcorn was one of my favorite treats as a girl.

Shortcake with strawberry puree icing

Sweet shortcake with a strawberry puree icing, perfect treat for an afternoon tea.

Cake pops!

Look at how perfectly those cake pops match the pink damask, lovely!

Pink flower sugar cookies

Sugar cookies iced with delicate pink flowers.

Candy floss!
Pink and maple candy floss in alternating white and pink damask cones. Candy floss is a tricky treat to work with since it melts so quickly. Luckily it didn’t have to last long and it didn’t last long. A favorite of many!

Coconut ice

Layered pink and white coconut ice, a new treat for many and very well loved. Who can resist sweet coconut?


A personal favorite, cherry flavoured marshmallows rolled in pink coconut.

Such fluffy sweetness is making me hungry! No sweets for me today, I am off teaching this weekend and enjoying super yummy eats tomorrow at the local multicultural festival. Oh jerk chicken, I have been waiting a year for you!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope it is super sweet!

Henna Themed Dessert Table


This weekend I was blessed with the honor of attending to one of my nearest and dearest friend’s at her wedding. A beautiful blend of cultures and traditions which created a wedding unlike any other. I was truly blessed and excited to be a part of it!

As a surprise for my friend, I created desserts for her Kina Gece, a Turkish henna party for the night before the wedding.

I was originally going to make cupcakes decorated with Turkish designs in orange and teal, the brides’ favorite colors. Then I remembered I had a cookie cutter in the shape of a hand.

My hand-shaped cookie cutter.

Inspired by the henna and the revelation of my hand-shaped cookie cutter, my plans changed. Can you see where I’m going with this?

At first my husband thought I was crazy. Whenever I have a brilliantly inspired idea my husband thinks I’m crazy, so I took that as a good sign.  I spent an afternoon baking cakes and cookies.

Rolling out dough.

Cutting the cookies.

Ready to bake.

The oven was on heavy rotation for just over 2 hours with cake pans and three cookie sheets. Then an hour of calm and quiet while everything cooled.

Baked and cooling.

It took me 40 minutes to get the color of the royal icing just right, and another 30 minutes to match the color for the cake, but match it did! I spent an evening decorating with my husband, who as it turns out, loves decorating cookies, and cake.

Henna cookies!

I spent the next evening making flowers for the backdrop and prepared that lovely paper to line the dessert plates. All of which created a lovely dessert table.


The dessert plates were lined to give the table visual interest.

Henna cookies!
More henna cookies!

Dark chocolate truffles with orange sugar  and chocolate dipped lady fingers.
The cake turned out beautifully and it tasted good too!

Cake covered in Turkish henaa designs.


The sun!

It's even pretty close up!

Oh, everyone loved the cookies and the cake. They all thought I was crazy as well. I guess in my case, crazy = good.