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Donut Snowmen Tutorial


These little donut snowmen as seen in the Happy Holidays DIY Printable Party launch, have been a big hit! So I thought I’d put together a tutorial for you so you can see how I put them together. They take a little time and patience, but they are so freaking cute you’ll probably end up making more than you planned!

You only need a few supplies: white powdered donut holes, little chocolate balls or mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth, an orange gummy candy for the nose, red sour whips for the scarf , a Wilton Fondant Writer or a batch of royal icing, and toothpicks. Oh, and you’ll need a sharp knife or a pair of clean scissors.

Assemble the face

Using the fondant writer, or royal icing in a squeeze bottle, start piping the snowman’s face onto a small, round donut hole.

I piped on 5 small circles for the snowman’s smile starting with the bottom center to keep the smile as even as possible.

Immediately start placing your chocolate balls, or mini chocolate chips, onto the beads of fondant, then set aside to dry.

Make the carrot nose

Using a sharp knife or a pair of clean scissors, cut off a rectangular piece of orange gummy candy.

Then cut the rectangle from corner to corner lengthwise.

You will end up with two triangular shapes of gummy candy for noses.

Using the fondant writer, or royal icing in a squeeze bottle, pipe a small bead of fondant on the snowman’s face and place the orange gummy candy nose. Set aside to dry.

Make the scarf

Using a sharp knife or a pair of clean scissors, cut 1/2″ into the ends of a red sour whip to make scarf fringe. I made 5 cuts for 6 pieces of fringe. Note: After using the knife for a bit, I thought I would try it with a pair of scissors. I found this process much easier with a clean pair of scissors.

Then cut the entire scarf in half lengthwise. The ends of each scarf will have 3 pieces of fringe.

Assemble the snowman

Find a donut hole with a relatively flat bottom, press down on the donut gently to help flatten the bottom if needed. Press a toothpick into the center of the donut until the toothpick is about half way into the donut.

Repeat with a second donut hole, then slide the second donut onto the first donut.

Using the scissors, cut a toothpick in half . Wrap one scarf around the shoulders of the snowman and secure with the half toothpick.

Press the toothpick through the scarf and into the donut so the toothpick is not sticking out of the scarf.

Slide the snowman’s head onto the body.

Make 4 or 5 or 10 and set up little tableau’s around the house.

Or whip up a simple 4 layer cake with rough, snowy icing and place one on top. With or without a tree.

Or you could just eat them. You get to choose. It’s all fun until someone loses an eye (ha ha!)

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!