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simple egg stands


Welcome back for another installment of “what can you do with the free Easter Egg printable?” This craft comes to you care of my days as a 4yo in primary school. Do you remember the crafts you would make around Easter in kindergarten and grade 1? I remember a lot of simple cut and paste, strips of paper and egg cartons. One of the¬†crafts we would make were egg stands, simple strips of paper curled into a circle which we used to balance and display our freshly painted Easter eggs. Sometimes we would glue bunny heads on the front, or flowers. I would make a couple at school and then go home and make one for every member of my family, so we all had an egg stand at breakfast! Yes, I was that girl.

This is a fun craft to do with your children for Easter! All you need is the free Easter Egg printable, a second sheet of decorative paper (I used a polka dot paper found in the coordinating Easter Egg DIY Printable Party collection available in my Etsy shop), scissors, tape and a hard boiled egg.

Cut out the easter eggs on the printable sheet. Cut your decorative paper into strips, approximately .75″ wide and 5″ long.

Curl your strip of paper into a circle and secure with tape.

Attach the Easter egg to the paper circle with tape on the back side of the egg.

Place your hard boiled egg into the egg stand.

Decorate your place settings for Easter breakfast!

Tell me, do you remember making these as a child?

Come back tomorrow for our final installment of “what can you do with the free Easter Egg printable?”. Tomorrow we make lollipop covers!