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yarn bombing report on


A little over a week ago, I mentioned to my Facebook and Twitter followers that I was contacted by a reporter from about my yarn bombing exploits. The article is up! It went up last week and this is a testament to how busy I’ve been, I am just getting around to announcing it now. Some weeks there are just not enough hours in the day.

Although I have not recently joined a yarn bombing group (yes, I am still a lone yarn bomber, working to put a smile on the faces of strangers), the article is accurate and short. I took a screen capture for the sake of posterity.

You can read the article online at as well.  Thank you Laura for including me in your article, it was great fun talking to you about yarn bombing!

Are you inspired to yarn bomb?

{loving} bubblegum blossoms


Just a quick post because we’ve had too much fun today not to share! One of those getting our craft on kinds of days! I finally managed to get the supplies I needed to help me whittle down my collection of gumballs. Remember all those gumballs? Well, I can finally share that little project I mentioned now that I have made a few or six.

Bubblegum blossoms! How cute are they?

There was a crowd of three girls standing around me, each holding a stick waiting patiently (PATIENTLY, can you believe it!) for me to make them their very own little bubblegum blossom. Then three smiling little girls who ran away to play with their flowers for the rest of the afternoon.

I am in love with these bubblegum blossoms! Don’t they look sweet bundled up in a vase? I was thinking of making a garden of these for my daughter’s upcoming birthday and after today, I don’t think I have a choice!

Seriously, between necklaces, bracelets and flowers, I think I need more gumballs.

{loving} sugar flowers


I just logged into Etsy to start adding my new Valentine printable to my shop and a quick glance at the new listings lead me to these:

25 Sugar Hydrangea Singles - Any Color

50 Sugar Hydrangea Singles- Any color

Oh good heavens I’m dying over here looking at these PeeGee green/pink hydrangea sugar flowers! Yes, these are sugar! Can you believe it?!?! You could eat these beauties! I wonder what a hydrandgea flower tastes like?

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I’ve always dreamed of throwing or styling a party themed around these delicate flowers so I could decorate cupcakes with tiny little hydrangea flowers or decorate a cake with a light fluttering of petals. Oh be still my heart these hydrangeas are so lovely! So I started looking around and found my other favorite, the gorgeous blooming peony.

Sugar Peony Any Color

Yes, again these are sugar. I am imagining a tiered cake with these pink kissed peonies dancing all over a light pink buttercream. 

Really, when I say favorite I really mean favorite! My garden is overflowing with hydrangeas and peonies and that’s about it. Of course there are a few hosta’s thrown in for good leafy measure, but my love really lies with the hydrangeas and peonies, and now with these sugar representations, oh my!

Seriously, I keep scrolling up to gaze at these lovelies! Who made these beauties you ask? Why I found these at Sweet Petal Bakery on Etsy. Anna of Sweet Petal Bakery has received quite a bit of press for her beautifully crafted (and affordable!!!) gum paste/ fondant flowers. So I ask myself, how in the world did I miss these?!?! I’m not sure, but just in case you missed them too, here’s a shout out for you to check out her shop! There are many more stunning flowers in her shop for you to swoon over, singles and bunches and branches. And don’t forget the cute cupcake toppers. Who doesn’t love a pinwheel? 

12 Edible Wafer and Fondant Pinwheels

I love to bake my own cakes for our celebrations, and while I am getting better and have created my first fondant covered cake, I will never craft my own sugar flowers. I know my limits. There are some things I can make or try to make, but the others I purchase from those who can really do it! The next time I have a cake or cupcakes in need of flowering, I know where I’m going. Seriously, those hydrangeas!

{loving} hanging flowers


I have been in love with this installation ever since I discovered it last summer on Eat Drink Chic.


I have been collecting little vintage glass bottles ever since, just for the day I can create a skyscape like this.

Likewise, I found this pic last summer as well.  Designed by Hatch Creative Studio at The Nest Event Loft and photos by Jenny Ebert

Vintage bottles hanging vases wall

Needless to say, the next time my husband trimmed the pear tree, I stole a branch.

Today I found a few other lovelies. Oh the yearning for springtime flowers.

This lovely is from BCOME. I just love the simplicity of one for an unexpected corner in my studio.

I admit, I do love the white and rutic country look like in this pic found on the Wedding Bee boards.

And a lovely reminder that it doesn’t have to be flowers from a beautiful wedding found on Snippet and Ink.

and another beautiful wedding on Style Me Pretty.

What a beautiful way to start the day!

tissue poms


We all know I am a lover of the big, fluffy tissue paper poms. I make them for events all the time, and for around the house prettiness.

Then I found fabric flower pomanders! I have been loving these fabric flower balls since the summer when I first saw them over on Once Wed care of Ashley of Dolci Odille.


How luscious and delicately pretty are these? You should definitely check out the post if you love them as much as I do, Ashley posted step-by-step instructions on how to make them!

A good ball of flowers, tissue or fabric always catches my eye. Recently I found this Tissue Rose Piñata on Kate Landers Events.

Tissue Rose Pinata

A tissue paper flower ball that is also a pinata! It doesn’t get better, or prettier than that! Again, you must check out this post for the step-by-step instructions.

Just a little bit of happiness of this gloomy, gray day. A pretty ball of flowers always cheers me up! How about you?

with flowers in our hair – Wearable Wednesdays


In the many crafts I make with and without my girls, many are of a wearable nature. I love to adorn myself and my friends and my family with handmade wearable items. It is with this love of wearable craft in mind, I thought I would start highlighting such crafts. So welcome to the first installment of Wearable Wednesday!

My daughters and I love to wear flowers in our hair.  Over the weekend, I thought we should try our hand at making hair bands with big rolled rosette flowers. They were very simple to make, but I didn’t realize how quickly the would come together! The fantastic thing is they are so simple that my daughter made her own all by herself.

pink rosette!

We got a little carried away and decided to make one for each of us and then one for a friend’s birthday.

3 out of 4

mine is red

Every once in a while I watch my daughters walk by with a flower in their hair and a big smile.

pretty in blue

I think we will be making, many, many flowers throughout the summer. I have so many different flowers I want to make, and some really big ones! I love a big, luxurious flower.

Want to make one? The technique we used was just like the no sew flat rolled rosette on Shanty2Chic. We didn’t use buttons, otherwise the process is the same. Check it out, then make your own rosette headband!