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what do you do with leftover royal icing?


Make candy buttons!

candy buttons!!

Do you remember the sheets of candy buttons? I loved these tiny treats when I was a girl, but they have all but disappeared in my area (Ontario, Canada). I searched all over for them this summer and could not find a sheet anywhere in my home town. Once upon a time they were available in every corner store, now they are only available in specialty candy store.

There is a generation of children that have never laid eyes on these colorful buttons which is so very sad to me. I remember the joy in peeling these sweet, sugar pellets off strips of paper, popping them into my mouth and crunching down with glee. I would even eat the ones that had bits of paper stuck to the bottom! Just one of those childhood candies that every child should have the joy of experiencing.

So I searched, a friend of mine searched and we didn’t find them outside of a special gift box. We then came up with the brilliant idea of making them ourselves, but I didn’t get down to trying it out until today. I had all this leftover blue and purple royal icing from the rockstar cookies and thought I would give it a try.

sheets of buttons!

I can’t wait till these harden!