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spring mini dot


This week I am in need of bright spring colour! I am eagerly awaiting the bloom of my beautiful hydrangea and peonies, so I’ve been dropping by the floral department at my grocery store to take in the smell of green and blooms and to enjoy the colorful eye candy for at least 5 minutes before I lug my groceries to the car. We are having another sunny spring day here, so I know that my flowers bloom is just around the corner. In anticipation, I added a few items to my Etsy shop this week!

Spring Mini Dot Petal Boxes

Spring Mini Dot Party Circles

Spring Mini Dot Tent Cards

The party circles and tent cards are customizable! Want them to say Oh Sweet Baby Girl? Done! Just let me know when you order, it’s that easy.

Goodness, I think I just might print some out to brighten up the dinner table this evening. They will patch the party decor I still have hanging from my ceiling.

Spring Adventures


Our family decided to head out into the marsh this weekend to see if the pussy willows were budding. We headed to my childhood playground, where there always fun things to see and do and smell. Sadly, the pussy willows were not yet budding, but lucky for us the skunk cabbage was sprouting. Oh that is a smell one never forgets and a smell that every child (and adult) should experience at least once!

Rubber boots

Dried flora

A marshy path

Baby skunk cabbage!