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Etsy Treasuries


I had the delightful surprise of discovering two of my new Valentine’s Day printables have been featured in Etsy Treasuries over the past couple of days! How awesomesauce! Of course, I grabbed screenshots, as I always do. There is some great stuff in these treasuries, you should check them out!

For those of you local to Kitchener-Waterloo (yaay K-towners!).

Local Love Treasury by Tamara Maciel of Charming


And a beautiful collection of Valentine inspiration!

San Valentino, Valentine’s Ideas by Barbara Damiano

Thanks so much ladies!

New To Shop | Sweet Love Valentine Collection


Are you ready for a LoveFest? I certainly am! After a month long house of sick, we are finally on the mend and ready to feel love. Will you BE MINE?

Yes, that means that I finally got together some Sweet Love for Valentine’s Day! And I’m so glad you’ve come back after all the quiet this month. Did you know that I’m a sucker for you?

I am so ready to focus on love and write out valentines.

And wrap up sweets for the girls and their classmates. Yes, using my new Valentine’s Day collection of course! You might want to use it as well. The Sweet Love Collection has everything you need to put together a selection of sweets for your valentines; a banner for showing your love, pretty papers for crafting, party circles for your cupcakes and other treats; pillow boxes for candy jewelery (or the real thing, ah-hem honey); mini chocolate bar wraps, valentines and lollipop covers.

I wanted to make it easy to put together your valentines, so the Treat Bag Tops are sized to fit standard sandwich baggies because I know we all have those in the house! And if you happen to have cello treat bags lying around, the Treat Bag Tops can be trimmed to fit. I was thinking about you.

It’s all about chocolate and lollipops in our house. I have a bag of heart shaped lollipops just burning with love and willingness to be wrapped up and given away. Perfect for my new lollipop covers! Did you know you can address them to someone you like/love on the back?

The Sweet Love Collection is now in my Etsy shop! 

Are you ready to share your sweet love?