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{loving} twirlie whirlies


Can I just say how much I am loving Twitter for introducing me to some fabulous party crafters? Another Canadian Twitterer I just blogged about last week tweeted to a crafter of beautiful twirlie whirlies, aka pinwheels. Again, another Canadian, woot! So I HAD to check out her Etsy shop. Swoon! I am a grown girl who still loves pinwheels, loved them as a little girl and love them as a grown girl, er woman. And these twirlie whirlies are made of such pretty papers and in some sweet and fancy designs. I mean look at these:

 Isabelle 8-Petal Pinwheels - Set of 12 Small

Hello pretty!

And then I spotted these:

Hot Mama Zebra - Set of 12 Mini Twirlable Pinwheels

Oh yes,  zebra pinwheels! Perfect for my daughter’s birthday in September! Yes, it’s going to be a black and fuschia zebra printed affair, oh yes! Won’t these be perfect? I thought so too which is why I bought them pronto!

You simply must go take a look at Shannon’s Etsy shop, Twirlie Whirlies for some more girlie goodness! 

Now I have to go take a look at those cupfakes, like the one use in the zebra twirlie whirlie pic above. See how one introduction leads to another? Love this!